17th Sep 2002, 17:03

I've had my 1990 Z24 for 2 years now, we've had a few problems with it, but only one major thing. The gasket blew it started leaking, but we just replaced gasket and found out the heads blew and one of the piston elbows cracked, but we got a good deal. Mine is a v6 auto, but it'll whip any other 6 cylinder in town. There is a few rust spots, but that's all which is really good since it is 12 years old. It still runs like a dream compared to most new cars because of the older tougher suspension. The little problems were the idle was kinda low so the computer had to set up. I also put a racing chip for cold air induction and to cancel the cut out at 180 Km/H.

Good on gas doesn't eat tires and loves to squeal when ever I want where ever I want up hill or down. Cavaliers rock!!!

14th May 2003, 12:39

I've had my cavalier for 2 years now, and it's done nothing but good things for me. I have never lost a race, and I've smoked every V6 around. It's a 5-speed; it's the quickest small car I've ever seen. The only thing I see setting it back is the rusting from the inside out. Other than that, this car is awesome, and a good buy for $1500.

28th Jul 2003, 21:53

Cavaliers have a very sturdy drive train. I put my '88 automatic to the test with high rpm neutral drops. Time after time of showing off and the car still drove like it was babied. The only problem I had was a head gasket and a pinhole in the radiator. And only took a few hours and pocket change to fix that.

24th Mar 2005, 23:33

I've had my Z24 a little over a year and a half now, and when I got it for $25 it was a wreck. So I did the work on the body, frame, and suspension to make it legal to drive. Then for my Senior Project I rebuilt the 3.1 myself and dropped the power-plant in and she ran like she just came off the lot. I've raced this quick Z against a variety of vehicles and lost to a Chevy Extreme and a 5.0L Mustang (before my new engine). I would recommend the Z24 to anyone who's got the chance to own one, they're sooooo much fun! I love my Z and I plan on keeping it 'till I can pass it on to my own kid (which will be several years down the road). :)

2nd Jun 2006, 08:48

I own a 1990 z24. It definitely is awesome, but I keep having the low idle problem like it wants to die. It hasn't yet, but my other one that I had was a 1994 z24, and it had the same problem, and I unplugged the plug to the torque converter and it stopped, but I've been told that it could be many other things. If anyone may know, email me at whitelndballa07@aol.com please.