25th Aug 2009, 13:17

I bought my 2002 Cavalier in the fall of 2001. I needed a reliable and cheap car for my 50 mile per day commute to work. After comparing various small cars available on the market, the Cavalier was by hands down the best deal.

The car performed flawlessly until I retired last year. My plan was to sell the car soon after retirement, but due to the sudden increase in gas prices I decided to keep it. Today it is still trouble free and I get 30 to 37 mpg in every day driving. The car has been driven over long trips and in city stop and go conditions. It has done everything that I expected of it and more.

Except for having to replace a backup sensor two years ago it has cost me nothing but scheduled maintenance to drive. The air conditioning, CD player and radio have worked with no problems noted.

25th Sep 2009, 21:23

2002, Chevy Cavalier is an excellent vehicle. I have 84,000 miles on this vehicle and it has never been to the dealer for any problems. This vehicle performs perfectly.

The only maintenance over the years has been two pairs of front brake pads (have not cut rotors). Three batteries. Two air filters, and two rear brake light bulbs.

I do all my maintenance. I change the oil and filter every 8000 miles.

The paint job is in excellent shape, for South Florida.

The performance is very good.

The only flawed part or problem with this vehicle is the dashboard has large cracks. I have noticed this with many 2001 and 2002 models. Must be defect in manufacturing of the plastic mixture. Perhaps it is the extreme hot Sun of South Florida.

General Motors and the American workers can make very good vehicles. I have had many foreign vehicles in the past and the American cars are better. Many foreign car owners service their vehicles better, but overall the cars made by G.M. are far superior.

Another positive attribute of this vehicle is parts are very easy to get, and are not excessively priced.

Thank you, for letting me comment, Sincerely, Steve Selwach. Miami, Fl.

10th Jun 2010, 15:02

I got my 2002 Chevy Cavalier in August of 2002, and I'm still driving it roughly 8 years later. I bought the car brand new, and now it has about 97,000 miles on it.

I must say, this car has been good to me. I’m knocking on wood, but I have not had any problems with this car other than regular wear and tear /maintenance issues (new tires, brake pads, batteries, oil changes, brake light bulb replacement).

The car is a little beat up looking on the inside and has a few minor dents, but that’s just me not taking care of it as I should have over the years (I was 17 when I got the car).

This car also gets excellent gas mileage, and for a little automatic 4-cylinder, has decent acceleration.

My check engine light came on once for about 4 days about a month ago, but now it’s off. Don’t know it if was a sensor or what, but the car seems to run just fine and hasn’t done anything out of the norm. I even think I am kind of slacking on some routine maintenance, and this car still runs great!

I haven’t replaced any of the fluids other than my oil. I get my oil (and oil filter) changed every 3-4k miles and replace the air filter when recommended. However, I have yet to do a transmission fluid exchange, so I am a little bit worried about that because the manual says every 50k miles, and the place that does my oil changes is HIGHLY recommending it get it changed out. Going to try to take of that as soon as I can, but again… the car is still running great!

Oh yeah… the AC in this car is absolutely AWESOME! The AC in this car gets colder and cools off my car faster than any other car I’ve been in… even other GM cars.

I love my Cavalier! For the price, you can’t beat it. When it is time for me to say bye bye to my Cavalier, I am really considering getting a Cobalt since it’s supposed to be just like the Cavalier, but with a different body.

16th Jul 2010, 11:35

I have a Chevy Cavalier 2001, and I am so happy with it too. I have 110K mileage on it, and I am going to change spark plugs for the first time. I will keep reading your comments. Thanks.

17th Jul 2010, 12:06

These cars are grossly under-rated and are far better cars than the poorly built Civic or Corolla. Our Civic was a nightmare of un-ending repairs until it was finally sold to a junk dealer with a blown engine at just under 100,000 miles. Our GM vehicles have been totally reliable, with far better build quality. The last few years of the Cavalier were the best, and those cars will be around for a very long time.

18th Jul 2010, 09:13

I've never owned a Cavalier, however my experience with a Lumina will keep me away from GM forever (engine failed at 40,000 miles). I've owned many Civics though, and all of them easily made 250,000 miles before being traded-in on something newer. I even bought all of them used.

28th Jun 2011, 18:38

I just wanted to add my two-cents worth... I have a 2002 Cavalier I bought used 6 years ago. It had 51,000 km (31,875 miles) when I bought it. It has 420,000 km (262,500 miles) on it now and I still like the car as much as the day I bought it! It still has the original exhaust!

It's just been routine maintenance, oil changes every 5,000 km (3,000 miles), which works out to once a month for me.

It's a great car. I plan to keep driving it until it gives up the ghost... something I hope is many years in the future.