29th Jan 2008, 03:23

I have a Chevy Cavalier Z24 2.8, and have just about rebuilt the whole car. It has high mileage, but runs like a bear, much power, but now after servicing fluids, I have a leak in the rear. It smells like oil, maybe trans. fluid, and I must drive the car in 8 hours. I just saw the leak; can I drive the car safely? Or not?

I have a Chilton manual, but can't figure out what to do on short notice. I bought a 1992 Z24 3.1 and it needed a trans. An awesome car; they said it had a new motor at 135000 miles, but the frame rotted. Now selling for parts.

Question is, can I drive the 1989 safely till I can repair it?

Thank you,


29th Jan 2008, 15:59

Barbara, I think it depends on how big the leak is, and how far you have to drive.

What is meant by the rear? From the rear of the engine, from the rear of the transmission/transaxle? What kind of fluid? Did you remove the transmission pan and replace the filter? Perhaps you didn't tighten the pan correctly, and it is leaking out the gasket -- impossible to say.

If you just changed fluids, could it just be some spilled fluid dripping from somewhere? You should check your fluids, and if they aren't low, then possibly it would be okay, but I would really try to make sure where the leak is coming from, if it is a leak at all, before driving it.

1st Mar 2009, 20:54

I had a Z24 1989 2.8L V6 manual. I'm looking for another one and it purred like a kitten and roared like a lion... had 110,000miles on it after I replaced the starter, oil pan radiator, fan motor, mounts, and a few hose's. But I had retarded timing that I couldn't get down... but still looking for another one to have,

Got any tips, email me at Deityofearth@yahoo.com. Has to be manual.

24th Apr 2009, 21:50

I got a 1989 Cavalier Z24 5 speed stick. Paid 2700.00, and from the day I drove it off the lot till today I have spent including the cost of the car $5796.00!!!

The body was amazing!!! Then two weeks in the clutch turned to dust. Then had it for another week and the alternator went, then three days after the water pump.

Then I had it running wicked, and the studded tires that were on the car when I bought it tore apart and the tires were replaced.

Then the starter, then the battery, then the exhaust manifold gasket, then like three other gaskets down the exhaust, then the muffler rusted out and off!!! GUY SAID NO RUST. I'm too big to look under my car, I'm sorry!!!

Oh well, now I need ball joints and brake lines. Oh and the ring gear and flywheel looked like the car was in an accident, and with the wear and tear it looked like it was done in 92 or 93!!!

So how much can I expect to sell this beast for? I wanna get a big 4x4 and I need this thing sold. How much people? I can't find a decent price online. I want 3500.00 canadian for it. Settle for 3000.00. 236485Km on original motor. Stereo ipod compatible with a 500 watt sub and amp.

20th Jun 2010, 03:27

I own a 89 Z4. I've had a few problems with it, but the guy who had it before me didn't take care of it.

So far I've gone through 2 sets of spark plugs. I replaced the plugs and the wires along with it this time, and haven't really had any problems till earlier this week.

My alternator went out. Advanced Auto said that the bearing had broke, so I replaced that.

The next day my fuel filter broke (no gas was going to the car). That was a pain to replace; it was rusted to the car.

I've had to replace the valve cover gaskets on my front valve. This weekend I'm replacing the valve cover gasket on the back valve, and I'm replacing my manifold gaskets.

I just bought a new O2 sensor yesterday. On the one currently in the car, the metal coating on the back bounces around the sensor.

My serpentine belt needs to be replaced. I bought that yesterday too. Just haven't put it on the car yet.

I might have an exhaust leak, and my exhaust system is rusted. So on the first, I'm having the complete exhaust system done, and I'm throwing a Flowmaster exhaust system on it.

I've paid $900 for this car, and I've put around $700 into the car. Still need shocks and struts, and I need to replace my 2 front tires.

6th Aug 2010, 12:01

My retired friend has a 1989 Z24 convertible with 1,800 miles on it; yes, 1,800 miles! Been bubble wrapped in his back yard since new, and he takes it out only twice a year. All original. I would love to drive it to AZ, update it, but he wants too much for the car.

16th Dec 2010, 16:07

I have a 1989 Z24 Cavalier. It's got a 2.8 V6 in it with only 115k miles... it ran like a champ for the first 6 months I've had it, but yesterday I had it warming up and I went to take off in it, and the car died on me and now it won't crank... I've checked to see if it's getting fire to the plugs and it is... I'm not sure really what's wrong with it. I can hear the fuel pump come on when I turn the key, but the car just turns over, but it will not start. If anyone could throw some ideas at me about what could be the problem, it would help me a lot.

25th Jan 2011, 07:37

I have an 89 Cav Z24.

It is a great car only problem is it has little to no heat.

However I love this car, I would recommend it to anyone.