2nd May 2003, 04:49

I have had very similar problems with my 4 Door. The ignition problem was fixed for the recall, but about 5,000 miles later it went out again.

My engine coolant light seems to pop on and off as pleases, even though I have it full with fresh coolant (could be sensor).

Also, my windshield wipers seem to stop straight up 70% of the time (had it fixed before... doing it again).

Besides that stuff, the car just died last week at 202,000 miles, so I guess I got my money's worth.

9th Feb 2005, 06:36

I have the lemon of the lot. I've also had the wiper linkage replaced, my coolant light comes on and off when it pleases and the whole cooling system is a joke.

Reading about the plastic warping in the car I do notice mines doing that too. The front dashboard has a crack down the middle along with the base of the seats breaking. These 97 cavaliers are not that old. The interior should not be falling apart so easily.

As for the cooling system the coolant keeps draining out of the overflow jug and found out its dripping into the head gasket. The water pump was just replaced and the engine has always run way to hot. Temperature gauge is always at the 3/4 mark even on a good day.

I'm seriously considering never buying a GM product again. My last car was a GM with several problems. My next stop will be to a foreign car dealer if my cavalier can get me there!!!

6th Jan 2006, 16:14

Considering the number of years you owned the car... I think it's a great car. I own a 1997 Cavalier Z22 and find it's a very reliable car and cheap labor so far.

13th Feb 2006, 10:22

I must say, I have had my 1997 Cavalier (base model) for a number of years now and up until this past year have had virtually no problems. I quite enjoy the handling of it and think it's a great car. Although the number of problems I currently am experiencing isn't great, I can't really complain considering what I have done to the poor thing. I think the Cavalier is a great car and my next one will likely be the same. Don't get me wrong I have had everything from the wiper switch, to the thermostat to the alternator and the intake manifold go on this car, but its done me pretty well and hasn't blown up so I'm happy.