12th Oct 2005, 16:35

I can also say that I have a Z22. I have a 1997 Cavalier RS/Z22. It came from the Factory with White Racing Stripes, a Spoiler, and Mangels Custom Wheels. I absolutely love the way it looks. It also says "Beaucage" on the Z22 Sticker, What does it mean? or what company is it?

11th Apr 2007, 20:53

I got a 97 4 door and its been a great car except for it ticks, but they all do, but other than that its been a great car hasent faild me yet and I'm looking for a z22 for my self.

23rd Mar 2008, 11:29

I had no idea they made a z22 until I bought one..it's a cool little car... i lik eit a lot. so do the chicks:)

20th Feb 2009, 16:00

I own a 1998 Cavalier RS 2.2L and its the exact same as the z22, and base model. Except for the little accessories. So for everyone like me who cares more about the engine, they're all the same engine. Which is the 4 cylinder 2.2L, and the Z24s are a 4 cylinder 2.4L.

23rd Feb 2009, 10:44

To people that have a 2001 Z22, are the Z22 rear strut mounts hard to replace?

16th Feb 2010, 15:17

I own a Cavalier 2.2L, and it also has the Z22 sticker on the side and back.

Just so everyone knows, there is no Z22, it's simply a 2.2L, nothing special about it. They did make a Z24 for a short time, which had a 2.4L, and maybe an extra 10 house power. Not worth the hype though. A lot of dealers just try and make an extra buck by putting these stickers on them.

23rd Apr 2010, 01:13

Hey, guess what. My dad is a car dealer, and he came up with the idea for a Z22 Cavi. He put decals, rims and a spoiler on it, and even embroidered the head rests. In that year alone he sold 100 of those cars in a year, then GM took the idea from him, mass produced the car and butchered it. And they were hot cars, the Z22, and made it illegal for any dealer to change a vehicle and sell it as a spiced up version.

24th Jun 2010, 16:05

No, a Z22 is a 2.2 liter, a Z24 is a 2.4 liter, and the basic model is 2.0. There is a huge difference in the motors, not just a decal!