1988 Chevrolet Celebrity stationwagon CL 2.8L multiport fuel injected V6 from North America


The perfect family car


The only issue that I have had with my car is that the body is falling apart faster than the engine.

Just recently I had the valve for the vacuum hose for the brakes break.

General Comments:

This car is excellent with gas mileage.

I have not had any major problems with it for the 9 years of my ownership.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2003

1988 Chevrolet Celebrity from North America


Very unreliable and puts a person in embarassing situations


My Celebrity liked to die for no apparent reason other than it was tired. It would die if I ever took it over 110km/h and then touched the brakes. it would start, but as soon as you tried to put it into gear t would stall again. I took it to five different mechanics and they all said that they could not find the source of the problem, but that it seemed to be an epidemic with Celebrities. I would end up getting it towed only to have it run perfectly a few hours later.

It leaked carbon monoxide into the cab. Had to relace everything running from manifold to muffler.

Leaked transmission fluid like a maniac.

Shook when pushed to over 100.

O2 detector went fast.

General Comments:

Even after all the stress this car put me through, the dying in rush hour and everything, I still have a soft spot for it. It had a lot of personality.

This car has guts and it tries really hard, but it just is not reliable. everytime I drove it I was scared I wouldn't make it home.

Very comfortable.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2003

27th May 2003, 14:00

It sounds like the torque converter solenoid is not disengaging when you hit the brake. I have a 87

2.8L 3 speed automatic that does the exact same thing. From what I have read this is a fairly common problem. On my 87 it is a connector with a purple and a tan/black wires that connect to the front right side of the engine. Get a hold of a Chiltons or similar and look up your particular engine and year for this connection or pass it along to your mechanic.

1988 Chevrolet Celebrity Station Wagon 2.8L Multi Port Fuel Injection from North America


A very reliable, inexpensive car


The water pump went in 2001.

In the same year, I had to get the gas tank and fuel sender replaced, but I got the parts used, so it wasn't too expensive.

The passenger side interior door handle is starting to fall off, but it can be easily repaired.

The driver side rear exterior door handle doesn't work anymore.

The doors are starting to rust on the bottom, but not too bad.

General Comments:

This car has quite a bit of power for a station wagon, I was very surprised.

The seats are comfortable, and don't seem to show any wear whatsoever.

The car has been incredibly reliable for my entire family, who owned it before me.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2003

17th Nov 2004, 11:57

Yo, I got the same wagon in blue! mines a piece of crap, kinda like yours, but with a lot more rust! The car is very dependable! -Peace.

5th Nov 2006, 16:54

We have a 1988 Chevrolet station wagon. It has 253,300 miles on it. It's rust free! My dad bought it off the state, and we've had it since. It has a 2.8 multi-port F.I. Great car!! Needs a new motor though, we've surely have gotten our $600 dollars out of it. Thanks!!

1988 Chevrolet Celebrity Sedan 2.8L Multi Port Fuel Injected V6 from North America


Affordable reliable Caddilac lookalike


Fuel pump died one day.

Alternator blew at about 85,000 miles. Only costs around 60 bucks to repair and takes 10 minutes.

Just changed the spark plugs and wires today, cost around 15 bucks to repair.

Got the drooping ceiling prob which happens to all old cars.

General Comments:

This is a great car. Before I had an '84 Camry (I had no choice in the matter) and it was a piece of junk. One day an old lady rammed into me I got a check for a new car from her insurance company. Then I ended up with this car.

This car is very reliable and when something goes wrong it's a whole lot easier to fix than most import cars.

When it comes to performance, many a VW's and rice rockets have tried to race me. To their shock, the celebrity has won nearly every time (only beat by a hooked up Maxima).

The bench seat is extremely comfortable and great for a multitude of things.

A lot of people have mistaken it for a Cadillac (Seriously).

It's an all around great reliable car which is all about luxury. Driving an American car makes me feel better inside to. I'm gonna keep this thing running for as long as I can.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2002

14th Aug 2007, 22:15

You ought to try out a Caprice of that same era. Even more to offer than the Celebrity!