11th Feb 2002, 10:39

I was able to swap my Celeb's tape deck, after breaking the front panel that surrounds it! Yar.

Did I care? Heck no, it's a Celebrity!

12th Dec 2002, 11:19

My Celebrity is a cool car. It is my only car, but I like it a lot. I heard it is good with gas. I do not know this for a fact because I drive it on a five acre yard. I am only fifteen so I have not driven it on the road yet, but I will find out in April. I love this car to death. I hope I don't have any problems with it. I know I won't because it is a Celebrity!!! I really like the back. For a grandma car, she is pretty sporty-looking in the back!

16th Feb 2003, 08:59

The 1989 Celebrity I have was virtually indestructible for 13 years. It was well built, good running car with good gas mileage on the V6. The car was roomy inside and fun to drive. I have had to replace about two alternators over the years, but otherwise she was very good and very reliable. No way to change the stereo right, so I depended on the factory original tape deck that won't blow down a building, but was fine. The 1989 GM paint began "balding off" the cars top and deck around 1997 but hey, she still out ran all of her competition that long since went to the bone yard.

7th Jun 2003, 02:08

My '89 Wagon is up for sale. Runs and drives great. I wasn't plan on selling it till it died, but I didn't plan on wrecking it either. Hit a concrete barrier doing 60, and the frame isn't even bent. I take my hand off the wheel, the car still goes in a straight line. I can't believe this thing still gets me around. These cars are rock solid reliable. This car has given me many good memories, but its time to let it go.

28th Nov 2006, 00:21

You don't have to take the whole dash out to change the radio. That silver or woodgrain panel will come off MUCH easier if you unscrew the lighter socket FIRST. Then pull the headlight switch knob off. Then (and please put on the parking brake) you shift the transmission into "1" and put the tilt wheel (if equipped) all the way down. Then the panel comes right out with no hassles. Swap radios and put it back together in reverse order.