1987 Chevrolet Celebrity Sedan 4 door 2.5 gas from North America


GM should pay for my repairs if I get it done


The rack and pinion went leaky.

The rear driver's side wheel broke loose from the frame, just like the last Celebrity I had; now I need it welded, it should not have rotted there. The passenger side is OK, just like the last one.. What a defect; this should have been a recall.

General Comments:

Long running motor, the 2.5 Iron Duke. The last one I had, had 253.000 miles. It still ran fine, but the frame rotted, just like the last one; same place..

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Review Date: 19th October, 2011

31st Oct 2011, 08:56

You should contact GM about paying for the repairs on your 25 year old Chevy.

Let us know how that works out.

1st Nov 2011, 19:03

A 25-year-old car might be forgiven for having a few issues. Our 56-year-old GM has had a few repairs, but we're not complaining. At this point I think we've been out a whopping $800 or so on it since it was new. Yep. It's nickle and diming us to death! We may have to trade it in the next 30 or 40 years if that keeps up!

2nd Nov 2011, 16:08

I have a 70 Chevelle SS396, worth 40k. GM owes me zero.

17th Dec 2011, 01:16

I've own two Chevy Celebrities. The rust problem you describe is common, which is why I make the effort to rust proof mine. For some reason, the driver's side trapped debris like road salt better than the passenger side, which is why that side rots out faster.

The rack and pinions did give trouble, but it's nothing a little bottle of Lucas can't fix.

Overall, the A-Body car line will always be my favorite car. They are durable, good-looking, easy to see out of, easy to get parts, easy and cheap to repair, and get great gas mileage. I still see lots of them on the road.

31st Dec 2011, 18:20

My 1985 Celebrity and my 1987 did the same way frame rot. This should have been a recall for sure, and the Olds Cierras do it too.. I was told it cost around 300 to 500 to fix my 87. It runs great, just like the 85 with 258.000 on it.

31st Dec 2011, 18:23

My 87 Celebrity did the same rot on the driver's rear. I'm looking for a way to fix it, like a new frame section?

2nd Jan 2012, 12:34

Let's be realistic. What company would stand behind a 25-year-old car? Certainly no Japanese company. What next? Should I complain that GM should fix the noisy rear-end in my 57-year-old Pontiac?

22nd Apr 2013, 09:23

Look into a place called Fabweld. They fix them all the time. Costs around 300 to 600 hundred. That's in Rochester NY.

1987 Chevrolet Celebrity Wagon 2.8 V6 from North America


I truly love this car!!


Need brakes pads and shoes, plug wires and a blower motor.

General Comments:

I had been after the car for three years, and finally got it. Best investment I've ever made!

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Review Date: 11th December, 2010

1987 Chevrolet Celebrity 2.5L from North America


Car runs great, comfortable and dependable


Power steering hose needs to be replaced. Other than that, this is a GREAT car!

General Comments:

Smooth ride, very dependable. Purchased for $600 from older lady (one owner).

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Review Date: 13th October, 2006

16th Feb 2015, 10:18

The best car I have ever driven.

1987 Chevrolet Celebrity Sedan 2.5 4 cylinder. from North America


Basic, cheap, and roomy family vehicle


In the 8 years that we had the car, quite a few things went wrong with the car, with the exception of what had happened to it. Back in November of 2005, the transmission, the catalytic converter, and the exhaust system all went at one shot, so we got rid of it.

General Comments:

When we got the car back in November of 1997, the car had 138,000 miles on it. It was grey in color with a reddish colored interior. We paid $1900 for it at the time. Even though it had its share of its problems during the time that we had the car, it still held up great!

The interior was very roomy, and the seats were sofa like comfortable. The trunk was downright big. Basically, the Celebrity was great for the family.

As for its ride? That's another story. It was a great ride, but the 4 cylinder motor sounded like a lawn mower motor when it went up hills. When not on the hills, it was great for around the town commuting.

We got in an accident with it just before we got rid of it, and it still kept going. The reason for getting rid of it? Well, the transmission went, and so did the catalytic converter, and the exhaust system. Had none of that happened, we'd still have it.

Would we get another one? Of course. Just look for one with average miles on it. We still talk about the car, and we do miss it dearly. When it came time to say goodbye to it, the neighbors and ourselves all cried our hearts out.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2006

6th Jun 2007, 12:12

I just got a 1987 chevrolet celebrity for my first car. It did run fine until a couple weeks after I got it. Every time I came to a stop it would die. We figured out thet it was the transmission not switching gears down correctly. but other than that I think it rides very smooth.

25th Feb 2008, 21:50

Check your selenoid of tramission.