1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 from North America




The car was thoroughly restored in the past 6000 miles. I added a new battery and starter this year.

Added a nice sound system; hidden amp and speakers.

Went with new Halogens. Wish I had kept the T3s.

Complete new A/C system updated. The car came with factory air. You freeze in this car in the summer.

Considering a Tremec 5 speed, but hate to remove the 4 speed. I do not care about gas mileage, but checked and it's 8.5 MPG. I like to joke with my friend's 66 Vette 427, who gets 7.5 MPG, so I enjoy the added fuel savings with the 93 octane.

Overall the car is outstanding and a blast to own. I have noticed a lot of friends etc own this, and a C5 or newer Corvette as well. I also bought this to take my kids to cruise nights and shows. It has done quite well at shows as well. A real head turner on the road.

I consider this car as a very solid performer, nice investment, and a joy to own and drive!

General Comments:

As far as the year, the 1970 SS is the absolute hottest right now, followed by the 1967. Although a great muscle car, it has an amazingly outstanding ride.

I have air conditioning, and it's nicely optioned, as well as the desirable 4 speed. I have owned 3 Corvettes, all manual trans, and like driving this more. The full frame is great.

These cars are pricey restored, but worth every penny.

I also had a 69 x code 4 speed Camaro unibody, and consider this a far better, more solid car. The ride is far better than the Camaro, but I loved that car as well. It was nicely restored as well. Great performer, sharp styling, even today, especially adding the Camaro RS hidden light option. I had notes under the windshield everywhere I took the 69SS Camaro, asking to buy it. I got weak with one note and sold it for much more than I paid for it.

I also had a 64 Impala SS 4 speed Convertible with power top; another solid full frame car. Get the 409 and you have quite a car.

If you can find and afford a nice Chevelle, you will not be disappointed. I always have had a preference for manual transmissions. If you have to look a bit more, it is worth the wait.

I do not like vinyl roof models. The power steering power front disc brakes are great. I added electric gauges, but kept the stock gauges intact.

I hope to buy a convertible, but love the hardtop. I feel extremely fortunate to own this car.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2012

28th Jun 2013, 11:40

Original poster follow up.

I have had many very interesting and unique cars over the years. As equipped, it has all the best options. The 1970 is the ultimate year to own. I have had opportunities to flip at a profit without advertising it.

It was built in California and spent most of its life there. East coast cars were subjected to winters and salt.

A friend of mine owned a 70 Super Sport as well (4 speed), and bought it on a Thursday. At a cruise night on the Saturday, without an ad he sold it. Monday morning, the gentleman showed up with the rest of the cash. A very decent profit with only a few days of ownership. I have had notes under the wiper over the years. But nothing compared to this model and specific year. The frame is shared by the GTO 442 and Buick GS. Very comfortable mid size cars with tremendous performance.

If you can find a loaded 1970 example with A/C, it is a difficult decision to sell. I hope to have mine a very long time.

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle 396 from North America


Car needs to be painted; it's original paint is old and faded.

My car's front seats need to be reupholstered.

My car's radiator blew up due to a faulty thermostat, so I replaced it with a new thermostat and a new "Modine" three core radiator.

General Comments:

This is the fastest, most powerful car I have ever driven in my life. It's not so great on curves and turns but it is definitely, what I call it, "Cobra Killer".

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Review Date: 21st May, 2001

18th Feb 2014, 06:31

I upgraded my suspension, springs, shocks, and traction bars. Went with 15 in 50 series wide radicals. My 70 corners very flat into corners. The great ride was unaffected. If you have a big block car, restoring the paint and body is a wise move. These cars are going up and up. The 67 is another that has really climbed in value. Also the 66.