7th Jul 2015, 17:28

I must be going to the wrong car shows.

Where does one find these clueless people with money?

28th Jul 2016, 13:45

Taking that comment a bit further. A 70 SS 4 speed is simply the one car that you never sell. I have bought other cars, really nice around it since, but this one stays. Mid size is perfect. Three cars have a great tight ride. Compared to Camaros it rides better. I have had first and second gen Camaro SS. The full frame far better ride than the unibody. Performance is the highlight, one of the top 6 muscle cars of all time in 1970. It falls in either the number one or 2 spots on reviews from that great era. The other was the Cuda Hemi vs the 454 LS6 Chevelle SS. I suspect the Chevelle has a better ride on this as well. This is a nice car to take a few passengers to shows etc. Although not cheap to buy, it affords tremendous satisfaction to drive and own. These cars are relatively very simple to own and maintain. No smog or pollution devices. No sensors or cats. Go to electronic ignition. They have disc brakes. Power steering and power brakes are a must. Reliable classic. I take off the car cover, unhook the battery maintainer and turn the key and go. It doesn't take long to get to a given destination. Overall very nice cars. Mine is also a great investment.