19th Dec 2001, 23:42

I own a 76 Malibu Classic. It is the two door model with a 350. It has about 100,000 miles on it.

I have replaced the original rear coil springs with high-lift coil springs.

I put on Keystone Klassic wheels (14X7 front, 14X8 offset in back).

I had a custom dual exhaust installed with 18 inch glass packs.

I replaced the bench seat with swivel-buckets out of a 73 El Camino. I also intend on installing a floor shift out of a 75 Cutlass.

It is a super car that, with some slight mods, would put away Mustangs and Camaroes alike.

5th Jul 2002, 21:23

Glad to see people are still taking care of the malibu classics. Out here in the Rust Belt, very few of these vehicles are seen without gaping rust holes or body damage. From what people have told me, the 1973-77 body style had quality control issues and bad steel, but this is only what I've heard. I've always wanted one for my own, but they are too hard to find in decent shape out here.

When I was about 3 years old, my parents owned a 1977 Chevy Malibu Classic 9 passenger wagon. It was a beautiful metallic blue with a 305 v8 under the hood. Being an old wagon fan since day one, I loved this car even though I was far too young to drive. The wagons are real rarities by today's standards, but if you can find one the potential is limitless.

I read online that Chevrolet had even manufactured the 'SS' wagon for one year back in '73. From what I hear there were less than 100 made, with 350 or 454 options! I looked online for one for a long time and didn't find one until recently. This one for sale is a MINT '73 with the 454 and a super rare 4-speed factory transmission. Sticker price: 29,500. All I can say is WOW.

10th Sep 2002, 03:11

I bought a 1976 Malibu Classic 4 door from a friend. This is my first car. I love this car and I would never sell it. I live in Vancouver, Canada and so far I've only seen 3 Malibus Classics (all of them 2 door). This is a hard to find parts car, but its all worth it. I'm happy to see other Malibu Classic fans out there. I say there should be a site with info on 77 and older Malibus classics as its hard to find info or custom items for these cars.

30th Sep 2002, 22:01

I own a 77 Malibu Classic, 2 door, with the landau roof. My grand father bought it new with the 305. I got it in 81 and drove it to 130,000 and at that point built a 454 w/turbo 400 and installed it. The engine is mild, 9 to 1's, balanced, deck honed, Crower 278 cam, Edelbrock Performer, and a Holley 750. It is exceptionally smooth and has about 38,000 on the motor. There is no rust, I live in a dry climate and it is garaged all the time.

I never thought the car was anything special, but lately when I take it out I receive compliments frequently. I would like to get a 12 bolt posi installed next to really see what it will do. It has a lot of sentimental value and I don't believe I'll ever sell it.

18th Nov 2002, 00:51

Hello G3 Chevelle lovers!

This is the car you've been dying to hear about. I am the proud owner of a 1976 Chevelle Malibu. So what's the big deal? Well, I am only 22 so the car obviously outdates me. I bought it from my dad in '97, but here's the catch, HE bought it BRAND NEW! It's been in the family ever since he purchased it from a dealer in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada back in September 1976. He took good care of it over the years, but unfortunately at our home we didn't have a garage to shield the car from the elements. Over time, it's exterior began to rust away (especially the rear wheel wells, which seems to be the biggest rust spots on G3's I've seen), but the interior remained beautiful, especially the dashboard. By dad was also able to preserve the grille as well as keeping the mechanical side of it purring like a kitten. It came with (and I still use) its base engine, the good old 250cc inline 6 and 250 turbohyrdamatic tranny. Sure, all I get is a mere 105 hp, but the car's class comes from it being a touring car, not a racer. This past summer my best friend and I did a major body restoration on it, taking an anglegrinder over the entire thing getting it down to the metal. We then used body filler to get the fenders back into shape, primed it, and got it repainted it's original "mirror" white (emulated by using a clear coat over a white base coat). My dad tailor made seat covers for the front and back benches, and the car looks as close to brand new as I'll ever get to see it.

Like a lot of you, I've loved this generation of Chevelles since I was a kid, and up here in Manitoba, these beauties are certainly hard to come by. G3 Chevelles ROCK!

Rex in Manitoba, Canada.

12th Feb 2003, 07:52

Hey I need Some help.. I own A 1977 Chevy Malibu classic, but it is in rough shape, rust spots eating the frame; the right door has been torn off, but not completely, the car runs fine with a 350 v8 and I love the car, but I can't find the parts to get it up in good shape. Any help would be greatly appreciated on my part.

M. Cosnett central Ny.

21st Feb 2003, 16:22

I bought my first car in 1984 - a 1976 Malibu Classic (4 door) with 47,000 original miles on it. The car was white with a blue interior, 350 cu. in. 2 bbl. I was the third owner and I purchased the car for $2600, which was saved from my newspaper route. Like several of the other owners above, I fell in love with this car at an early age (my brother bought a '75 Malibu Classic 2-door about four years earlier). I wanted a 2-door, but I couldn't find one that was in mint shape.

I drove the car throughout my high school years, university years and initial years of my job. I restored the car in 1992, back to the same (or better) condition in which I received it. The car never gave me any problems throughout the years. When I purchased my '94 Cougar new the Malibu took a backseat to my driving needs. I parked the Malibu in 1999 and was sold in 2001 for $400. Throughout the 17 years I owned the Malibu I bet I never spent more than $1000 on repairs. Great car.

12th Mar 2003, 23:39

Hello all,

I am contemplating buying a 76 Malibu Classic with the 350. It's in awesome condition, no rust or dents, paint job is perfect. It's all original, even still has the original radials and snow tires on separate wheels. It has just over 30k miles on it. The interior looks like new.

Any ideas on a fair price?