2nd Feb 2006, 14:38

Uhm, yeah, Malibus and Chevelles are basically the same car, the Malibu was just a slightly fancier version of the Chevelle...

4th Apr 2006, 21:44

I have a 76 Malibu Classic. It was my uncle's car until he died a couple of years ago. Great car! I have had a new blue paint job done, new dark blue vinyl roof, new upholstery on the interior (including seats and carpet), new dashboard, new stereo system (cd player), and I just had the engine completely overhauled. Yeah, it's a great car. I'm known for my car around town. I wouldn't sell it for any amount of money. Great car!!!

24th Apr 2007, 06:38

I don't know if anyone writes on this anymore, but here goes. I'm buying a 28000 mile 1976 Malibu two door for $3500. It is just about as perfect as it could get. Some minor chips in the original paint,but still shines like new and still looks new inside as well. Was this a good deal? I'm having a hard time finding pricing.

24th Apr 2007, 13:58

If it has low miles and it's been a very well maintained car I would say go for it, the value of the 1976 Chevelle is only gonna go up instead of going down and those cars are getting harder to find, I rarely see any of the 1973-77 Chevelle's and I still see a lot of the pre-1973 Chevelle's.

25th Apr 2007, 10:12

That's because up until recently, the '73-'77 Chevelle/Malibu was not very sought after and therefore less likely to be saved from a final trip to the junkyard.

Now, with the supply of '72 and older models in original/ restorable condition starting to dry up, there is more interest in the later models, even the (aaack) "downsized" '78-'83 models...

4th May 2007, 21:50

I have a 1976 Chevy Malibu Classic. I love my car more than anything and cannot find parts for it anywhere! I've been looking for parts, Dash, rear dash, side panels, door panels, etc. Basically the interior needs a lot of help. Please help! It's been almost two years and I have found nothing! Please e-mail me if you have any information as to where to look. Thank you. My e-mail is yourhated7@yahoo.com Once again, thank you.

13th May 2007, 13:57

I have 2 76 two door Malibu, and 1 four door. I also have a 75 four door. The 76 4 door has no motor or trans, it is just for parts. I was going to race in a demo derby, but the parts are so hard to find. I plan on fixing one of the 2 door ones. Both run and drive, although one has a bad trans. One is stock and the other is not.

I also have a 73 shell with a redone frame, someone was trying to do it up, but lost his desire. So I have some parts like tail lights and a good nose if someone needs some parts. We are in New Hampshire.crash6034@yahoo.com

30th Jun 2007, 18:38

I am the original owner of a 1976 Malibu Classic. For the last 10+ years I have been restoring this little jewel. Like everyone else I learned late that the parts for these cars would become almost impossible to find. WELL GUESS WHAT?

Its finally beginning to improve. More of the aftermarket mfg are starting to make replacement parts. I have found all the rubber door seals, replacement glass, carpets, door panels, new headliners made like the original mfg. Very difficult items to find are the rear sail panels, and replacement dashs. I cannot find replacement power seat rails or the electical power seat motor and controls. I know someone has them and like most everything else I will have to keep looking, Oh yes, the fancy rubber bumper bands on the Classic as far as I can determine are not reproduced.

All of this is slowly beginning to change. These cars will soon come into their own and be very respectable.

I have updated mine to a big inch small block, fuel injection, overdrive transmission, NOS, MSD, and lots of other stuff.

If I can help anyone with locating parts I will be more than happy to assist where I can.

Write me at testpilot61@yahoo.com.


10th Jul 2007, 09:00

I own a 1976 Malibu classic 4-door, 78000 original miles in very good condition. My parents bought it in 1976, it was my mother's car, seldom driven, mostly garaged. I have found an interest in 2-door, but it appears the 4-door is hard to find and not much interest. I am going to sell it, but don't know what I should ask for it. Any suggestions?

11th Jul 2007, 12:46

I hate to say it, but the 4 doors just aren't worth anything.

13th Aug 2007, 17:31

I need some info on parts... mouldings, and whatever for the 75 model Malibu Classic... any help is appreciated... as there seem to be limited resources for these beasts!!...

E-mail me at michael.matty@us.army.mil

Thanks in advance...

14th Aug 2007, 20:25

It is very nice seeing that I'm not the only one that loves my 1976 Malibu. I have a 1976 Chevrolet Malibu 2 door coupe. It has a 350 cu in, Holley carburetor, dual exhaust.

The only thing I don't like about it is the interior color.

The car is black on the outside. Any suggestions on the color?

30th Nov 2007, 03:04

Nice to see the Malibu getting the respect it deserves. Still looking for the door moldings and rear window interior moldings. Mine are starting to crack. The main reason I bought it was b/c of the dual exhausts. The car was restored pretty nicely when I bought it. Think I paid $3,000 for it. I get a lot of offers for it, but I can't part with it. I also have a 1975 Chevy Monza 2+2 with a V8 which I also get a lot of offers for, but again, it's my baby and I can't part with it.

My email addy is: pyramidres@yahoo.com if you can help point me in the right direction as far as catalogs or other website I'd really appreciate it. Thanks. ~carol~

2nd May 2008, 05:33

I been the proud owner of 1976 malibu classic for about 5 years and it's the best car I owned, it has 350 with a 650 edelbrock 4 barrel, the car is sweet and I haven't had to touch the exterior at all, but I did replace the interior in it.I've got a lot offers on her but I can't sell my baby!!

3rd Aug 2008, 13:12

I am the proud owner of a 1976 Malibu Classic Coupe that's painted Blue Metallic. First off, I love the car. It has the original 305 and 350 tranny. Some upgrades have been headers, dual exhaust, and air suspension in the back. My biggest problem is the LACK OF replacement parts for this car. Once upon a time, 1999, I owned a 69 Firebird and had the same problems finding replacement parts for that. I sold it in 2001, and a few years later, there were replacement parts for EVERYTHING coming into the market.. needless to say I started doubting myself. The same problem exists right now with the 73-77 malibu's.. the lack of reproduction parts.

25th Nov 2008, 15:57

All you folks who are trying to rebuild a 73-77 Chevelle. We finally have several suppliers who are making replacement parts.

I have been able to locate nearly any piece except for the chrome 1/4 glass trim. I think I'll try to figure out how to make them out of aluminum or stainless.

Anyhow, check under 73-77 Chevelle parts. I think you'll be very surprised to see whats happening as far as New parts for our era Chevelles. jerry H.