8th May 2001, 15:42

No one wants to fix up a Citation!! They are horrible cars!

2nd Nov 2001, 08:23

No one wants to? Do you know what the X11 is? It's a limited edition car with the 140+ hp V6, SCC SSB suspension and chassis modifications from the factory. Rare, valuable, and a car that was ahead of it's time (look at the 150 hp GTi now...)

Just because someone with a 4 cyl automatic one can't take car of their car does not make all of them (including the V6, 5sp versions) bad cars.

5th Feb 2002, 16:42

All Citations are bad cars.

20th Sep 2002, 06:32

That isn't true. These cars are powerful and you can still get Citation parts from a good dealer. But then again some cars have bad luck and some never break down. (Except for brakes and tune up).

13th Dec 2002, 02:16

Transmission leaked. Oil pan leaked. Radiator leaked. Any person can tell that this car was poorly maintained in the first place. Beside did anyone take a look at the Distance when acquired and then the Most recent distance? Need I say more?

5th Dec 2013, 06:32

The general consensus on the Chevy Citation is that it was one of the most notorious lemons out there, right up there with the Renault Alliance, Chevy Vega, and of course the Yugo. Just ask anyone who bought one brand new and paid full price for one of these turds. Ask the countless people who saved up and bought one used, or were even GIVEN one as a hand-me-down... most of them hated it too.

GM rushed their front-wheel-drive X-body chassis into production and on the market way too fast, and it's widely regarded as a design failure; they were just poorly engineered. The few lucky owners who didn't experience catastrophic drivetrain failure early on, were nickle-and-dimed to death by the lesser components, fit and finish was subpar, and quality control was nil.

The Citation, Olds Omega, Buick Skylark, and Pontiac Phoenix were an endless source of frustration for both GM and its customers. GM tried to help their image and sales in '84 by re-marketing it as the Citation II, but the damage was already done.

Get on a forum such as The Truth About Cars, Curbside Classic, or Jalopnik and ask there. Or let the numbers speak for themselves: at least 9 recalls in 1980 alone (it may actually be 13) and I've seen only one or two on the road in the past 5 years, since most of them died and were crushed by the mid-'90s. Terrible, terrible car, and anyone who tells you otherwise is either nostalgic or hasn't driven a proper car. The X-11 is cool almost like a Gremlin X or Cosworth Vega is cool... a crap car they tried to make a performance version out of that hardly anyone bought. They've become rare and somewhat collectible, but still pretty much a novelty item.

6th Dec 2013, 04:30

The '84 Skylark V6 I had was flawless - never broke in the two years I had it in the late 1990s. Admittedly, I got it for free and sold it on for $500, but it was also comfortable, drove well enough, and never broke down.

6th Dec 2013, 06:11

I cannot remember the last time I saw one of these on the road. And even forgot about this model. And I own 4 GM cars!