28th Aug 2009, 16:03

Yeah you can GET power door locks and windows, the odd part is that they don't come STANDARD like most other vehicles in this class. Eg. The Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla. Both come with power windows and doorlocks standard on ALL trim levels. Also they both come with ABS standard as well.

28th Jan 2010, 22:23

Have you taken the time to think that some people don't WANT hand-crank windows and locks? Just 'cuz others do it, doesn't mean THEY have too. Crank windows are nice in some ways, and the same likewise for electric. Some people like basic stuff.

30th Jan 2010, 08:14

Although "power everything" has become the expected norm, it's true that for the long haul of reliability and longevity, hand-crank windows and non-power door locks are the way to go. There is just less to wear out. You'll never have to replace a window motor or lock motor, and never strip the plastic gears trying to force a frozen window down with the power button. Also, consider the recent recall of 2007-8 Honda Fits due to power window motors that overheat and catch on fire when they get wet. It's not a problem you'll have with crank windows.

18th Jan 2013, 19:24

I bought a brand-new 2010 Cobalt. I cross-shopped it with the Civic, and the very base 2010 Civics do not come with power locks, windows, or air conditioning. The base Civic was also more money than my Cobalt LT with all of those features and more. Please stop spreading false information.

19th Jan 2013, 09:32

Actually, you would be spreading false information. In the USA and Canada, all Honda Civics since 2006 had power windows and power locks as standard equipment. A/C was optional, yes, but it could be installed for around $500.

The 8th gen Civic does not look outdated like the Cobalt sedan's styling, has better quality materials used in the interior, a futuristic dashboard and a higher safety rating by the IIHS with more standard air bags. It's also much better on gas, and has a 5 speed automatic, compared to the Cobalt's outdated 4 speed auto.

I don't own a Civic, or a Honda for that matter, but I know which car I'd pick between the Chevy and Honda...

20th Jan 2013, 17:51

No, I test drove one with no power options at all. Anyway, the Cobalt sedan has always looked dated, and in my opinion, cheap.

But, when you factor in real transaction prices versus MSRP, the Cobalt is a great deal. Mine is an LT coupe with all power options, and had a sticker of $19k. I paid $11k. Had it almost 3 years, and not one thing has gone wrong. It is a hell of a lot better looking than any of the Civics since 2006 - those are very ugly (even bizarre) cars. In fact, Honda just admittedly did an emergency redesign on the 2012 Civic, because they cheapened it so much that loyal customers were complaining. The Cobalt is really sporty and still looks fresh - I get compliments on it frequently.

You cannot just assume the Japanese cars are better these days. My grandmother bought a 2012 Toyota Corolla, and my Cobalt is much nicer in both fit and finish. My car is also much quieter and faster. The interior on the Corolla is so cheap as to look obviously tacky. I also am very confident in the reliability of the Cobalt, because the transmission and motors have been used in millions of small GM cars. You must be older, because no one as young as I am (30) would just assume that the Civic would be a better car. This is no longer the 1980's! The perceived quality of the Japanese makes is in the mud right now. It's all about real-world cost and true cost of ownership.

20th Jan 2013, 20:33

I assist people in selecting new cars, and Honda is virtually always eliminated from the running immediately, because they simply cannot compete price-wise with comparable imports or domestics. Most reviewers make note of this in their new car reviews. Current offerings from Ford, GM and Chrysler offer far better value for the money.

21st Jan 2013, 08:05

I'm not a fan of Toyota products in general after owning a RAV4, which I purchased new.

Honda has given me over 200K miles on my past 3 cars, so I will stick with them. They are refined, look good (to me - think conservatively handsome), and stand the test of time.

These cars were: 1) '97 Accord V6, 2) '01 Acura 3.5RL and 3) '04 Acura TSX. Each one of these cars have excellent resale value and are in high demand with consumers.

I will never buy another Toyota product again, and don't buy the 'foreign is better' argument. Honda, on the other hand, makes fun to drive, reliable machines (in my experience).

The Cobalt coupe is nice looking, I agree.