16th Apr 2011, 08:11

Your tire size won't throw your mileage off, as most of the time it is the wheel that is larger and the tire is a bit lower profile, so the outer diameter of the tire is pretty close. If anything, a larger tire and wheel will be better on gas as it travels farther on one revolution if the diameter is larger. I remember seeing a 5.0 Mustang once way back in the 80's, and it had really little tires and wheels on it, and a lowering kit... yeah, it was horrible! Anyway, it had to have been turning about 3K RPM's while cruising the same speed I was going in my 5.0 at the time, and I was turning about 2K, and nice and smooth. The smaller rims were causing everything to turn faster, therefore he was probably getting like 10 mpg to my 20.

I also have to agree that this reviewer's definition of a "good" car is pretty forgiving. If I ever had that many issues with any car, I would never go back to the brand, and I also would have titled my review a bit more appropriately :)

16th Apr 2011, 16:09

I drive a Cobalt. When the engine is load, and fuel mileage sucks, that means your driving it fast and or aggressively.

17th Apr 2011, 11:12

That is a very good point. Having a four cylinder engine, I can say that is is nice and smooth until I stand on it to make it go fast. I don't do it very often, but yes it is super loud and obnoxious. I know many people who drive small cars that way all the time because they don't have enough power for their driving style. You will tank your mileage severely flooring it all the time. Some people just need to modify their driving style... :)

20th Apr 2011, 09:31

Right, people always complain about gas prices being high, and yet, they don't want to change their driving habits.

I don't have problems with my Cobalt on fuel, I just simply stopped driving fast to go nowhere.

Now I get an average of 42 mpg, that's close to a Prius.

20th Apr 2011, 15:15

Actually my friends get around 55 mpg in their Prius, so you aren't that close!

3rd May 2011, 06:42

I'm talking about on the highway, Prius gets 45 MPG on AVERAGE.

If I could get a 33 MPG Cobalt to do 42, I can get a Prius to do 58-60 MPG on highway, and maybe 70 in the city.

3rd May 2011, 19:02

Actually that was their highway mileage with the Prius. I don't think they've ever looked at their around town mileage, as they don't drive much locally.

4th May 2011, 15:01

Well that proves my point. If you do not drive fast and aggressively, you will increase your fuel economy that easily.