12th May 2006, 00:10

What are you nuts? import parts are cheaper? that's just false.

All cars have problems.

You should have noticed these things during the test drive or inspection.

12th May 2006, 09:11

No indicator to tell you when the washer fluid is low?

That's hardly something 'wrong' with the car. How about, keep a jug in the trunk, and when the fluid runs dry, top 'er up.

17th May 2006, 13:59

This review is just ridiculous! First of all the person complains mostly about cosmetic problems, while half the time most people don't give a S**T! Give a better review on how the vehicle runs and drives! not little minor inconveniences that's most people can get by in life with. and second of all whats up with your problem about no windshield washer fluid warnings? Come on get real now what ever happened to opening up the hood to check all VITAL FLUIDS??? I think people are too spoiled nowadays with all these luxary items. I'm glad your Cobalt dosen't have that feature! Get up off your lazy behind and do what normal people do! It makes me so mad that's people have nothing else better to say so they rag on the little things while the bigger things probably are better operating.

19th May 2006, 11:30

The key getting stuck in the ignition is a problem I had also. The dealer replaced a micro-chip in the shifter that was failing to tell the ignition switch the car was in park and to release the key. I am not happy that this happened when the car is only a year old. It is a 2005 sedan. The service manager said this is problem with many Cobalt's. I think they should do a recall on this because once the shifter fails, you are stuck where you are with the key not able to come out. Then your battery will drain after a few hours and well you could be looking at a wrecker charge also.

Not good P.R. for G.M. who is in trouble anyway...