24th Oct 2006, 18:59

This is about Chevy Cobalts NOT HONDA CIVICS.

23rd Nov 2006, 02:27

Replacing the rotors every 2 - 3 months? Sounds like you don't know how to drive.

7th Dec 2006, 17:14

Actually, replacing rotors frequently sounds like a misaligned caliper assembly. I encountered this on one of mine. It's and easy fix. After that I got nearly 100,000 miles out of the brake pads with no problem.

1st Feb 2007, 17:55

I also have an 05 Cobalt, base model.

I cannot believe all of the problems you are having! I haven't had the slightest problem with mine, except for someone backing into it. (it's white and he claimed he didn't see it because of the snow!).. I've had it for almost 2 years now and couldn't be happier.

I'm sorry that you've had to deal with all of these problems, it's extremely weird that you've had so many and i'd have none, don't you think?

I think you might just have a bad car.. I don't' think the entire line is that bad, you must have gotten a dud..heh.

Again, I feel bad for all of the trouble!

5th Mar 2007, 10:33

Don't even talk about Honda Civics. I've had mine for 3 weeks and already have a blown head gasket. At least with my Cavalier I had to wait 3 years before having to do any engine work (and I paid $1500 for that vehicle, mind you)

28th Apr 2007, 20:57

I have 2005 Cobalt LS that just recently ran out of warranty. All of a sudden the tires are bald, my A/c quit blowing cold air last week... (I live in fl.), my key sticks in the ignition, AND my blinker quit resetting itself after a turn...

Anyone else having these problems???

13th Jun 2007, 09:31

Let me guess, you never rotated the tires and you have 50k miles?

Tires just don't "go bald". Tires wear with mileage... what is so hard to understand, here. BTW, the factory warranty doesn't even cover the tires!

Obviously you are oblivious to REGULAR MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS.

As for your other problems, compare them to ALL other makes and models. I'll almost assure you that EVERY other make has similar problems, and fixing your Cobalt will cost less than similar Asian and European cars.

5th Jul 2007, 22:30

NO, every other make doesn't have similar problems, and not nearly as often. Sell that go cart and get yourself a Toyota. Any Toyota.

1st Sep 2007, 02:30

I agree with the original review; the Cobalt is just a car for those people who still want to hold to the USA automotive history book, and claim it has any value to it. Test driving the car myself, it doesn't even come close to a Kia in interior quality and design, and the Honda Civic and Corolla are light years ahead in technology, fit & finish, and fuel economy.

I mean come on, I got into a Chevy Cobalt, then a G6, then an Aveo, and they ALL have the SAME cheap, cheap, super cheap interior, along with bland and boring exterior, the engine sounds like a tractor, and the car feel like a toy.

I am sorry, but the only good thing about the Cobalt is the marketing department trying to sell the car; the actual product is so bad, that I would not drive this car even if it was given to me for free, I am 100% serious, they would have to PAY me to drive this.

Chevy is in serious trouble if a customer like me would not drive their product, even if I got it for free. They need to change more than their marketing; they need to re-invent cars.

24th Sep 2007, 19:49

Please backup your statements with facts. How are the Civic and Corolla "light-years" ahead in technology?

22nd Feb 2008, 08:29

I have the same problems with my 2005 base Cobalt. I have about 81,000 miles on it.

Also when the outside temp falls below 36 degrees, the car keeps cutting off. If it's warm weather, I have no problems with it.

I like the car, but don't think I will every buy another one. If I do buy another Chevy, it will be a truck or SUV.

16th Aug 2009, 23:52

Just so you all know the engine in the Cobalt is based on the Honda engine design. That is the same engine powering the Civic, so to all of those who say that Civics are so far ahead just bare that in mind. In addition consider that the Pontiac Vibe and Toyota Matrix are literally the same car, and the Aveo, the Wave and the Suzuki swift are also interchangeable. Just because it came from Japan does not make it a better car.

17th Aug 2009, 10:37

I don't believe that the Cobalt engine is based on the Civic's, because I don't think the Cobalt has variable valve timing. Plus, the Pontiac Vibe is identical to the Toyota Matrix because Chevy bought Matrixes and rebadged them, they've done this before with the Geo Prizm, a rebadged Toyota Corolla. This basically just proves to me the Chevy is incapable of building a quality car.

28th Jun 2011, 04:47

If it weren't for workers standing up for their rights you'd never have had a middle class. Henry Ford knew that when he raised wages so his workers could afford the cars they built. Can you honestly tell me that coal miners or crane operators or factory workers don't deserve a decent wage? Everyone has a horror story about unions, but that's an exception not the rule. Maybe you should do some investigating before you paint the entire union workforce as lazy. Spend one week of 16 hour days with me and if you live through it, maybe then you will change your opinion. I doubt that you have the will or stamina

28th Jun 2011, 20:03

No one works 16 hour days, day in day out, not counting eating or bathroom breaks and the commute to work and back that's like less than 7 hours of sleep, the human body will not stand that kind of punishment long term, you must do shift work??