2006 Chevrolet Colorado LS 2.8L from North America


Mechanically pretty good, but the interior is horrible


1. The gasket for the 3rd brake light needs replaced every 5 years (water leaks into the cab).

2. Cowling under the windshield rubber strip goes bad every 5 years.

3. The oxygen sensor was replaced at 37,000 miles.

4. The front brake pads at 43,000 miles.

5. Transmission pan gasket fluid leak at 43,000 miles.

6. The fabric on both sun visors fell off and had to be glued back on.

General Comments:

The Colorado extended cab rides and handles great. The 4 cylinder engine has great acceleration and the automatic transmission shifts smooth. It gets 17 MPG city and 25 MPG highway.

* The 60/40 front seat is the most uncomfortable seat ever. The front seat has no arm rest. If you have to drive over 100 miles, bring a rolled up towel to put behind your lower back for lumbar support. Bring a second towel to pad the hard plastic door panel's arm rest.

I have owned many Silverados and loved their interiors. However, the Chevy Colorado LS's overall interior is cheaply made, from the HARD plastic door panels and dash to the uncomfortable seats. Overall the Colorado is made with less quality compared to a Silverado.

The driver's seat fabric is starting to go bad on my 9 year old truck with only 45,000 miles. The fabric on both sun visors fell off and had to be glued back on.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2015

2006 Chevrolet Colorado LS Reg Cab 2.8 4 cylinder from North America


Excellent base model truck


Small yet noticeable erratic jumping while the engine is at idle. Check engine light has not come on, and I haven't noticed any other performance issues.

General Comments:

So far, it's turned out to be a good truck. I upgraded to the Colorado because I was very satisfied with my previous Chevy S10 with 190,000 miles on it.

I find the interior of the Colorado to be very visually appealing and space efficient. The split bench seat allows for maximum leg room and rear seat storage. All the manual locks and window cranks operate smoothly. It's everything my S10 was, and made better.

I find the 2.8 4 cylinder engine to be perfectly suited for the 2WD reg cab Colorado. With the 5 speed manual, this truck is fun to drive and has enough pep for any situation. Gas mileage is pretty good, at about 25mpg.

A huge selling point for me was the amount of open space under the hood. Most of the engine components are easy to see, and taking things apart is much easier than most other cars. Given this is a domestic truck, it will break down more often. I recommend this vehicle for anyone who is mechanically savvy and wishes to do their own repairs/maintenance.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2010

2006 Chevrolet Colorado WT Reg Cab 4x4 2.8 liter 4 cylinder from North America


It could be a lot better


Persistant vibration from 45 mph to 62 mph. Returned it to the dealer the first time the day after taking delivery. The dealer tried several times to fix the problem. Changed tires, drive shafts, axles from other units on the lot. Good effort, no success.

After the dealer gave up trying to fix it, I tried to lemon law the truck. Chevy's excuse was "They all do that." Chevy refused to lemon law the truck because a vibration is not a safety issue. By the way the left brake light has shaken loose five times and the right one twice. But what's unsafe about no brake lights.

Many thanks to the man who followed me into a parking lot from rush hour traffic to tell me about my brake light problem.

Other than that, no problems.

General Comments:

Gas mileage with the four cylinder/automatic/4 X 4 is 18.mpg. I tow a trailer on weekends that weighs about 2,500 lbs. Hills are a challenge. I don't understand why Chevy replaced the V 6 equipped S-10 with a heavier truck that comes with a 4 or optional 5.

Overall it is a good truck. It could be a lot better.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2009