1995 Chevrolet Corsica Base 2.2L I4 134 CI from North America


This car is awesome, I will never ever get rid of it.


Of course, there was the routine maintenance, but there were a few things I had to replace, such as the bushings up front, but that was completely my fault. A lot of things dry rotted because she sat for so long in my garage.

I replaced the alternator, battery, radiator, all hoses, and a few bulbs here and there.

General Comments:

This car has always been good to me. Never left me stranded, or stuck.

Surprisingly awesome in the snow and such. Nice healthy amount of ground clearance, so there is no fear of driving it through the grass/fields/dirt at around 10-15 mph. I actually hill climbed it (carefully) a few times around where I live. She was sure footed, much like a mountain goat.

An all around great car. Not to mention, very, very good on gas. I fill up maybe once every two weeks, and I drive everywhere.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2009

1995 Chevrolet Corsica 6 cylinder from North America


Sorry I bought the Corsica


Water pump and AC broke the first month. Then it ran good for a few years.

Two weeks ago the engine would not start, mechanic said it broke a rod and the car was worthless with only 120k miles. It was babied and used only 3 or 4 times a week, can't believe it is in the junk yard now.

General Comments:

I am sorry I bought the car, since my 1989 Chevy Cavalier had 330k miles before it broke and the Corsica lasted only 120k miles.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2008

2nd Dec 2009, 00:41

My family had one and we owned it since '96. It was pretty good, even though we replaced the head on that car 2yrs ago, but it locked after we replaced the fuel injector in it. We hung on to it as a parts car until we sold it for scrap. I'm looking for another one right now.

12th Dec 2009, 02:54

One of two things happened then, the only way to break a rod is either:

A) You ran it out of oil, or too low on oil for too long.

B) Water or other contaminates got into your oil.

Either way, you neglected to keep proper maintenance. Of course it's gonna fail. My family had a Buick Skylark with the same V6 engine and automatic tranny. 197,000 miles and still running strong when we sold it. They are good cars if you know how to take care of them.

4th Apr 2010, 00:33

The gas went into the oil and we decided not to rebuild it. It was going to be my first car, but I'm driving a '97 Dodge Ram with almost 173,000 miles on it, and am pleased with it.

1995 Chevrolet Corsica 3.1 V6 from North America


Not bad for a GM product


Lower intake gasket at 55000 miles.

Lower intake gasket at 100000 miles.

Radiator cracked and replaced at 60000 miles.

Radiator cracked and replaced at 150000 miles.

General Comments:

This is the second Corsica I have owned. The first one lasted 270000 miles. They are not the best cars nor the worst they just do the job with comfort and decent fuel economy.

The biggest problem is with GM and the dealer network, it took too many years to solve the intake gasket problem (In 2003 I installed a revised gasket that works better, so far).

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Review Date: 25th May, 2006

1995 Chevrolet Corsica 2.2 from North America


Good beater, but frustrating and costly


Ignition coils went.

Head gasket cracked.

Cracked cylinder head.

Alternator died.

ABS system failed.

Power locks malfunction.

Turn signal broke.

General Comments:

Always got from A to B, but many small problems and a few large ones were this cars downfall.

This car handles well.

Lack of interior space.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2006

1995 Chevrolet Corsica 3.1 from North America




Replaced radiator at ~100K miles.

General Comments:

Nothing flashy. Get you from point A to B.

Solid build. Testimony: A Dodge Neon rear ended me once. No damage on mine while his Neon needs entire bumper replaced. I feel safe inside this car.

Low maintenance: just the usual oil change. Replaced tires at 80K miles. Replaced brake pad when worn. They sure don't make em like that anymore!

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Review Date: 19th December, 2005