1995 Chevrolet Corsica LT 3.1 LV6 from North America


Wish I had another new one


Maintenance has been pretty much routine.

Replaced the serpentine belt at 50,000 miles.

Replaced plugs and plug wiring at about 55,000 miles.

Seat belt retractors (front) are poorly designed.

General Comments:

Comfortable on trips - -have driven as much as 700 miles in one day.


Lots of power on hills with A/C running.

Handling is excellent.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2003

1995 Chevrolet Corsica V6 from North America


Read this review, buy this car


Experienced leaky seals around windows in doors.

General Comments:

I planned on driving this car until it died, and it was taken from me by some idiot who turned into my lane. Well great. I can't buy another car like this, but would if I could.

Sturdy, I'd been in 4 accidents with it, all would have done much damage to a wimpy or cheap car.

Comfortable, I've slept in this car before. Nice seats.

Simple, well made instrumentation, easy to read, see.

It's cheap to fix, parts are cheap. After some of the accidents, had to do some small fix its.. Not too bad.

The alternator was somewhat difficult to change, although there are cars with worse.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2003

21st Apr 2003, 15:56

I have a 1996 Corsica for sale now for $2500. Would you like to buy? Great shape!

20th Aug 2008, 23:51

"Read this review, buy this car"- superbly written. I plan on buying a Corsica as soon as I've got the money set aside.

Greetings from Richmond, Virginia.

1995 Chevrolet Corsica 2.2L from North America


Door leaked when it rained due to seal coming loose. Black silicone remedied the problem.

Molding where driver side mirror inside the car came loose, due to natural wear. Readjusted mirror controls and used black silcone. Good as new.

General Comments:

This is absolutely the best car we have ever owned or drove. We were going to trade it in for a newer Dodge Intrepid, but didn't.

We still plan on buying a Dodge Intrepid, but will not use the Corsica as a trade-in.

When someone is talking about getting a car, We always recommend the Corsica.

It handles well, it accelerates well, runs well. If you drove our car and didn't know that it only had a 4 cylinder, you'd believe it had a six under the hood.

The way a car is taken car of determines how well it runs. Whoever had it before us took car of it nicely. We do the same. It looks and runs as if it just came of the showroom!

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Review Date: 24th November, 2002

1995 Chevrolet Corsica 4 Cylinder 2.2 Liter from North America


Great car!


Heater core - $250 to fix.

General Comments:

I have owned the car for three months and am overall fairly pleased with it. I handles very well and is very comfortable, especially on trips. It is very sluggish in acceleration, but is good enough for the type of driving I do. However, I have had the car up to 105 MPH so it will move if you want it to, it just takes awhile to get there!

The car is soon going to need a new muffler soon, but is expected because of the high mileage.

One major fault that the car has is it burns a ton of oil. I have to add at least one quart every week. But like I said, it's to be expected.

I am very pleased with my Corsica and plan to keep it as long as it will stay running!!

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2002

1995 Chevrolet Corsica 4 cylinder 2.2L from North America


Reliable family car


Alternator went out. Had it replaced.

Had Belt replaced. (Not easy to do, I might add)

Between oil changes, it seems to get low on coolant. No leaks can be found, not sure what's happening.

Has a fuel leak somewhere under the hood. Can smell fuel when engine is running. Haven't had it checked yet.

General Comments:

Excellent family car. Not much room in the back though.

Very reliable car. Never have had any major problems.

Acceleration is a joke. Small engine has problems making it over hills.

Otherwise, I'm satisfied with the car. No major problems as of yet, and it has quite a few miles on it. (116,000)

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Review Date: 21st April, 2002

1995 Chevrolet Corsica 2.2 L from North America


A good first car that has given me a load of experience


Freeze plug rusted out at 90,000 miles.

I had to replace the battery.

Alternator was replaced at 95,000 miles.

Replaced the starter at 100,000 miles.

Head cracked and had to be replaced at 102,000 miles. This was very expensive.

Replaced the thermostat at 102,000 miles.

Replaced both coil packs at 104,000 miles.

Replaced spark plugs and wires at 105,000 miles. These are expensive for a 1995 Corsica!

General Comments:

Even though I have now invested a whole lot of money in this car, I just keep telling myself, "Now that I've had this part replaced, how much more can go wrong with this car?!"

But it is very dependable between the times it is in the "shop". It has always gotten me home so my fiancee can fix it!

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Review Date: 18th April, 2001

1995 Chevrolet Corsica from North America


I love this car and hope to get just as many miles as I already have


We have had to have the alternator replaced at about 100,000 miles.

Just recently we had to have the freon recharged in it.

General Comments:

This is a very comfortable car to drive. I like the body styling. It came with a great options package.

General maintenance is all that has been required with it.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2001