1977 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe 350 from North America


It rocks the house for sure bro



General Comments:

I bought the car and loved it.

I put on Hooker headers, Edelbrock high performance manifold intake, Flowmaster high performance exhaust, new valve covers, timing chain, harmonic balancers, complete tuneup, new front end and alignment.

New air filter, air filter cover, new wiring under the hood, new wiring under the dash.

New white wheels, new Cooper tires.

Oil change 20w 50w oil. New antifreeze.

A total of 8000.00 dollars; I bought it for 8800.00. Have about 17000.00 in my baby doll. I also had it pinstriped.

It runs great. It goes 140 miles per hour, gets a lot of stares, and thumbs up, especially when I pop the tops. It's medium red, with white interior; a real head turner for sure. I am glad I bought it.

It's bad on gas and oil, but I do not mind, I did not buy an economy car.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2020

7th Apr 2020, 21:48

Fait acompli, but although it would have made more sense to spend that $17K on a lower mileage C5 as a daily driver... the heart always wins out over the head when sports cars are involved!

8th Apr 2020, 18:58

I would pick out a C5 for him. Total redesign, better drivetrain. New platform. I’ve had them all.

9th Apr 2020, 17:40

The C4 loses value over most wanting the C5 for a little more. The C5 is better on insurance vs hood fender cost more to fix in the C4. Then there are more electrical issues with the C4. The C4 does not have the superior LS engine. The C4 has less horsepower.

6th Feb 2021, 13:08

I am the proud owner of the aforementioned 1977 Corvette. I like the coke bottle style and the rarity of seeing one on the road. Most owners make their classic corvette a garage queen, not I. It's not good for a car to sit in the garage most of its life. I like the C3 Corvettes, because they are unique. A C5 is one of thousands out there. I see them everyday, all day. A beautiful C3 is rare indeed.

6th Feb 2021, 23:52

Take some cool photos kneeling from behind looking down the side. You are right on the styling.

18th Jan 2023, 19:06

They are awesome cars!! I've owned mine for over 30 years, such a pleasure to own.

1977 Chevrolet Corvette Base 5.7L from North America


American dream 1977-2017


I want to open up with a few details about myself. I'm a 28 year old Active Duty Naval Aircrewman. I fly for a living and was looking for something in the American Classic category that was easy to work on and small enough to fit in a two car garage. This was it and it was worth it. Here we go:


- Sleek and respected by enthusiasts.

- Comfortable.

- Reliable engine.

- Ahead in technology for the year.

- Perfect size for a classic.

- Fun to cruise the highway in.

- Very easy for even a novice to work on.


- COOLING: Immediately replaced the outdated cooling system. Replaced with an aluminum radiator and upgraded the water pump. This car does not like hot climates due to the poor airflow design of the old brass radiator. This will solve almost every headache.

- USE ONLY PREMIUM GAS. The engine idles better, more reliable, and will help keep your engine alive for another century.

- POWER STEERING: The original control module was problematic from the start. Leaks are unavoidable. If you don't want to upgrade the pump due to your financial situation, use LUCAS OIL Power Steering Stop Leak and it will give you weeks of use before topping it off.

General Comments:

Buy it. For the price, you cannot go wrong. The fiber glass body makes it desirable for anti corrosion and weight.

Drive it, don't leave it sitting. Leaving it sitting kills your engine seals.

Don't upgrade the engine to make it fast. The car is highly respected as numbers matching... you can upgrade parts, but leave the engine and transmission.

It is not a race car, but is a TON OF FUN to drive. You will not stop getting praise.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2017

4th Mar 2017, 19:22

I changed my fan and removed the dust shields for added cooling. I had a few of these. I had a 406 with 400 HP vs the stock 350 with only around 190 HP. 4 speed earlier C3 Convertible. Moved my shifter up a notch to make it short throw. I like the stock appearance, but the headers and performance give it away.

I agree with the issues of letting them sit. You have to replace the entire brake system. Cleaning the main ground underneath will also pay dividends with electrical issues. I always put a kill switch on old cars and old wiring as soon as I buy them. Open the compartment behind the driver's seat and install one. It's a bit hard as space is cramped.

If you find a 75 or earlier Convertible, grab it. I almost never rode with the top up. Great effect and no claustrophobic feel with it down. Convertibles with a 4 speed are quite rare. Back in the day it seems everyone wanted T Top automatics. I would also not sink a lot into a more common model with many issues. People I know put money into a C5 for just a small step up. New platform and overall a far nicer one to drive. Chrome bumper models have dipped a bit too. But they really capture the classic coke bottle styling very well. I always liked and still like the classic dash layout. I had issues with the vac operated lights and some early ones had wiper door issues. The fiber optics were cool showing a light out. My favorite C3s were 69-72.