20th May 2015, 22:34

There's a lot of very successful and not bad looking women owners buying late models. I met one with a new Jag, a C6 Convertible and a 69 Camaro Pace car as well. Shows up at various cruise nights, cars and coffee events here etc. Watch Barrett Jackson at some of the bidders to get a broad idea of who is buying. If you can afford the price of admission, it's no crisis, it's a blast!

21st May 2015, 22:43

The C3s and early C4s were cramped and uncomfortable. There is a world of difference in the newer Vettes. More shoulder room, flat floor ease of entry, and a complete new platform from the ground up in 1998. All the same, the 1968-72 and 78-82 have the most beautiful body lines. Very desirable is finding a manual trans in the latter. Beware of rust in the birdcage. Sight through the rear wheel openings for rail rust. Look at the firewall for signs of damage. High mileage examples, unless C3 chrome bumper cars, are usually going to cost $ to restore. Paint and body work or custom flares can be a deal breaker.

Sitting is not kind to Corvettes, especially to the brakes, calipers and brake lines. And the fuel system. The first thing I do is clean the main ground and add a kill switch at the battery to avoid electric gremlins and old wiring concerns. Usually there's vacuum leaks and headlight issues. Change all the fluids.

Vettes are cool cars. It's worth it to wait to buy the very best you can afford. One driven monthly is usually a good idea vs sitting. It can cost a lot to be safe first and then presentable.

I always have a great time with these cars. Many I have had have been great investments and flips. Just do your homework, attend club meetings and tech nights. Ask a lot of questions. Then jump in.

18th Apr 2020, 20:56

I bought a 1989 Greenwood Edition a few months back. A great, good looking car. 79000 miles. It had a few issues: A/C didn't work and some electrical issues. I'm an electronics guy, and a good mechanic, so no problem with the fixes (get a manual for info). I was really surprised at how well it drives and it is comfortable. Not super fast, but a good cruiser. I don't know how I got a car with this technology so cheap.