10th Jun 2004, 11:51

I mostly agree with your comments. I have a 1989 Coupe that has been nothing, but good to me. Sure they ride rough on rough surface, but they are smooth as silk on a smooth surface. And there is nothing like it through the turns. I've had a 1972 T-top and now this coupe and can honestly say the 1989 coupe has been the least expensive to operate of the two. It absolutely is an "eye-catcher".

10th Nov 2004, 20:22

Hello C4 lovers. Am 42 year-old engineer, backyard mechanic and have been a covette fan since the age of four. Four years ago, I finally bought a 1987 C4 coupe with automatic and the Z52 package. It had 47,000 orig. miles. Paid $12500. After years of SVOs, Supra, CRXs, Merkurs and Nissan "Z" cars, I finally bought my vette. What a great car. And - yes - I used the car as a daily driver, commuting from Fremont (Ca) to Cupertino each day, in air-conditioned comfort, esconced in those wonderful leather seats. Extremely comfortable car. This car was very practical and gas mileage never dropped below 22 mpg. Highway mileage hovered between 25mpg and 31mpg at speeds between 65 mph and 80 mph. Besides the cheap plastics (toggle switches for windows) and a leaky water pump (at 62,000 miles), this car was flawless. What character. What performance for the money. Easy to drive at the limit and felt "smaller" the harder I drove it. Had to sell the thing after I was laid-off, bought cannot wait to buy another *used* 1987 to 1989 C4. What a car!

25th Dec 2005, 04:29

Hi. I myself bought a 1990 Corvette C4. I live in Australia and here we expect a lot of weather changes during one day. I drive from home to work and find this car worthwhile to have. It has powerful 5.7 litre engine and a dead sexy look. I just modified my engine bay, by installing aftermarket extractors and the whole exhaust system; changed and adjusted the camshafts and installed larger injectors. It reached to 495BHP and there's nothing else that I would want to drive. Corvettes are great cars, if you maintain your vehicle it would not be an impractical vehicle to maintain.

23rd Sep 2006, 09:01

I have a 1989 C4 and the hood will only release on the drivers side. Can any one give me some advice on what I can do? My email is energyconser@charter.net.


12th Apr 2007, 21:30

My 88 C-4 hood also only opens on the drivers side. Luckily the latch is located where you can hold the latch and pull on the hood at the same time. I had it looked at and the mechanic said the cables on the C-4 stretch out. The fix is $265. Forget it.

16th Feb 2008, 20:26


I just bought my fist 'vette (89) and find that you have to double-pull the release under the dash. Tip - pull the release once, reach over the door and pull up the hood, then pull the release again.

Works for me every time.


2nd Mar 2008, 16:40

I just got a 1989 Vette that needs a new battery. How do I get the old one out? Thanks.

27th Aug 2011, 12:59

Hello to all of you reading this. I have been in the tire industry for thirty years. Have seen all and every type of vehicle there is to see. Have driven everything from my parent's Ferraris, Trans Ams and Rolls Royces.

When it comes to a stand out vehicle, the C4 is by far the best I've ever encountered. Not too old and not too new to work on yourself (meaning all CPU this and that) with plenty of elbow room.

Yes, maintenance, the same as any other vehicle, will go a long way. Saving you the unwarranted break downs.

My 1989 jet black Vette is going to stay in my family for generations. Providing no one wraps it around a light pole.

Changing the tire and wheel package to a plus 2 has done the trick. You think they handle good with the stock application. There is no comparison when you start taking away an inch of sidewall flex.

This vehicle has been known to run a little hot. Other than that, there really are not any problems you can say were design flaws, in my opinion.

In reference to being a weekend car as opposed to everyday driving, it comes down to the individual preference. This car I think is just great and can be thought of as both. If you have or are thinking of buying a C4, I really don't think, even for the money nowadays, that you could really do any better. GM really out did itself with this make and model. Enjoy all of your Corvette; I do, for it is an AMERICAN ICON...