24th Dec 2012, 16:55

I have a 1998 Corvette and I just found that the battery has leaked all over the PCM and frame. I am the second owner, it has been a good car until I found this major flaw. Why put a battery in that will possibly leak above the wire harness and PCM. This is the fault of General Motors and they should repair their mistake. I am a realist - this will come out of my pocket. What a joke...

25th Dec 2012, 06:19

It's good to join a Corvette club and attend tech nights. Then you learn how to avoid these issues.

In my C5 I removed the old Delco liquid acid battery from the factory and went with a modern gel battery like an Optima. They do not have liquid that can leak ever. I also removed the tray bolts and cleaned under my tray. I also put a new black battery mat; not really needed, but it would absorb and neutralize any acid. Everybody I know uses gel batteries, not liquid.

I had a 98 also. One of the best years used. I know a guy with 180k miles on one!

You are correct, liquid acid leaks into the computer under the tray and it's expensive. We all use gels. I would remove any battery that is not a gel one on the C5s.

Also while you are at it, put a pigtail on the terminals to run a 3 amp battery maintainer. As you know, your Corvette is always pulling a drain off the battery from the alarm and the presets as well. You will have to reprogram your key fob after removing the battery. Shut all the accessories off, turn the key to the on setting, and go into your dash buttons to reset.

The weakest point on the C5 are batteries, as there is a lot of demand on them.

Second, I would say keeping your radiator clean with a vac, to remove leaves, pine needles etc that are sucked up.

Mechanically they are bulletproof and far advanced from earlier generations. It is like day and night owning the newer ones. Turn the key and drive anywhere. I see over 30 MPG on trips on the readout at times on the interstate, due to the gearing and 6 speeds.