2013 Chevrolet Cruze Eco 1.4L turbo from North America


Fun, quite quick, and great on fuel


Got a chip in the paint.

General Comments:

This thing is great. It's not a super car, but it's fun.

It gets amazing MPG; the best was 67.2, worst was 29.6. I run 93 to 94 grade fuel.

It handles nice and rides with a sporty feel. I've had lots of car, and this is my favorite. Plus it looks sexy and has lots of toys.

I can keep going, but I have a life

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2013

15th May 2015, 12:14

67.2 MPG?

Maybe, while coasting down a steep hill.

5th Mar 2017, 17:37

Yes, how are we going to believe this review that says 70 miles per gallon. Guess what, if I drive my car 30 miles per hour I will get 80 miles per gallon.

21st Oct 2017, 23:30

For those who find it hard to believe 67 MPG (3.5l/100km), the answer it's simple: the reviewer is yet another of those hypermilers who throw unrealistic numbers that make them feel happy.

22nd Oct 2017, 21:08

The reviewer did say "the best was 67.2...". It didn't say that figure was constantly achieved. Might have been hypermiling, alright, or light throttle aided at the time by a downhill slope.

2013 Chevrolet Cruze from North America


Econo car that doesn't look or act like one


Nothing, as this was a rental car over a 4 day trip.

General Comments:

I was pleasantly surprised with my experience with renting a Chevy Cruze over a 4 day trip.

I've rented a lot of cars over the years - even a few sports cars - and this was the most enjoyable of them all.

To summarize, you get a lot of bang for the buck. What's really surprising is that I've driven GM econo-cars in the past, and they were truly awful, creaky cars. Not so with this one. The fit, finish and overall quality was really high. The doors closed solidly and quietly. No rattles. The interior was really well laid-out as well. The interior was also amazingly quiet. Perhaps one of the quietest cars I've driven.

I think what I liked best was the way it handled. Now - granted I currently own two old, dilapidated cars, but to me at least the Cruz was a really peppy, energetic, and well handling car. The engine makes a nice satisfying growl when you punch the gas. The transmission feels really tight and precise. The suspension was very responsive. The car was also so quiet that I would accidentally be going 75MPH and not actually realize it.

Lastly, it got great fuel economy. I was getting close to 40MPG, even though I wasn't driving it exactly very conservatively.

Bottom line, this is a good car for the money, and a good car in general.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2013