8th Mar 2012, 11:48

GM has been both the U.S. sales leader and the world sales leader for many months now. They just reported the highest profit in the history of the automotive industry and gave their hourly workers a $7000 bonus. How much more "realistic" can their success get??

10th Mar 2012, 11:24

THAN YOU 10:21!! It's good to see a sane and reasonable comment such as yours for a change. Even those who were once skeptical of the bailouts (except Republicans, who never admit they were wrong) have had to agree that the country is far, far better off now that GM is doing fabulously well, and building some of the world's best cars. I've never understood the reasoning of those who have rooted for the destruction of American industry, and cheered the billions in taxpayer welfare we have given to foreign industries like Honda and Toyota. It just makes no sense at all.

4th Apr 2012, 20:57

GM just came in tops in sales (world and U.S.) again for many months in a row. Both Ford and GM outsold disgraced Toyota. Even poorly built Nissan bested Toyota last month.

Times are changing. The incredible Cruze was one of GM's top sales leaders. American vehicles are proving far more reliable and safer than imports.

15th Jul 2012, 02:31

I have owned many vehicles since the age of 18. Ford, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, VW, Opel. But let me tell you something, the dealer I had the WORST service from EVER received from any manufacturer, was Honda. So please, no manufacturer is faultless.

18th Jul 2012, 22:27

You can never judge a MANUFACTURER by a DEALERSHIP. We have one of the worst Ford dealerships in the U.S. in my town. I drive right past them and go 20 miles further to a really excellent Ford dealership in another city. Luckily we do have one of the best GM dealerships in the country here in our town. We own both Ford and GM vehicles, and there are VAST differences among the different dealerships. If you are stuck with a bad dealership, it's worth driving a few extra miles to a better one.

2nd Nov 2013, 15:46

How did he make any "rush decision"? And he had legitimate issues. Did you read his comments?

5th Nov 2013, 03:28

With all the horrible problems Japanese cars have, I'll take any domestic any day. GM and Ford are building the best cars ever made anywhere in the world. Toyota sales are only up because of massive discounts. Brand new fully loaded Camrys are selling in our area for $18,995. That's cheaper than a Ford Fiesta.