16th Feb 2012, 12:30

Now you keep bashing this country over and over again. Maybe you should move to Japan, and support the country that builds the recall king.

16th Feb 2012, 12:42

How do you find a car unreliable, just by looking at it?

16th Feb 2012, 17:55

The press and news (even Republican-owned Fox) has printed or broadcast each and every fact listed in comment 20:07, so I don't know what more "proof" you could want.

16th Feb 2012, 22:17

Yeah, you support Ford only because you own one now, and you like Mustangs.

If you'd had good GMs in the past, you probably wouldn't be posting the same old jive about GM on this here website again and again, which is why some of us wish you did have a good one.

I know every GM and Ford I have owned has been good to me, but what does that matter when every Toyota fan on here thinks they have the greatest cars in the world... definitely not a fact these days, whether the media says it or not.

17th Feb 2012, 11:36

GM just reported the largest profit EVER for 2011 (nearly 8 billion dollars). Their hourly workers will be getting $7000 bonus checks. The best news was that nearly all that profit came from U.S. sales. Finally Americans are getting behind American industry, rather that sending all their money to Japan. Hopefully this trend will continue.

17th Feb 2012, 12:07

Seems most of the Toyota bashers make their claims this way!

17th Feb 2012, 12:12

Ironically one of my best cars was a GM... a '90 Z24. It was an amazing car that took really hard abuse over and over, and kept coming back for more.

Also the body was fantastic and never showed any signs of aging.

Even the rear drum brakes were still shiny black at 61K miles when I traded it in.

That was and always will be one of my favorites.

Sadly, my GM experience went south for me after that car. It isn't as if I haven't tried them or that I am just basing my opinions on them from media stories and ratings companies. I have only been repetitious, because the replies are as if they didn't read what I wrote, and not for nothing, but the replies have been the same broken records as well.

So don't assume you know me or my experiences. I have had a ton of different cars, and much good and bad experiences with them. I thought the site was designed for this purpose... not for everyone to quote J.D. Powers and rant about cars they perceive to be bad choices, but have never owned.

17th Feb 2012, 12:20

I have a right to be here as much as you do, but that doesn't mean I am going to support failed business, and continue the USA's spiral into the abyss. The car companies are just businesses. They care nothing for you or I personally, unless it benefits them financially to do so. You need to get that. They took our tax money because they failed, and they have yet to even pay it back, but instead rub the $billions in profits in our faces. They have done nothing to really help this country, other than supposed job creation, which would have occurred whether they failed or not. I can't fathom why you or anyone else thinks auto production would have ceased forever, had GM failed.

By rescuing them we enabled them to be a failure and get away with it. What incentive do they really have to be better? And again, what does that teach our children? It teaches them that there are no consequences to failing. So yeah, I am bashing this country right now. People need to wake up and see what is going on. You think saving GM has saved the world, when in effect it has pushed us one step closer to socialism.

Believe me, I hope I am wrong on this, but the way it's going... who knows? On top of my political viewpoint of GM, they have never made a vehicle that lasts for me, so it is a double edged sword. I wish they had failed, so maybe they would have become stronger and built better products to really compete.

18th Feb 2012, 11:00

GM a FAILURE??? Boy! I wish I could fail so badly!! They just reported the highest yearly earnings in history, and are set to better that in 2012. They lead in both U.S. and world sales. They are generating more in tax revenue than the government loaned them.

As for "poor quality cars"?? You must be confusing them with Toyota. GM is ranked in the top 10 in several long-term reliability studies.

As an AMERICAN, I am very proud to see an AMERICAN company making tons of money, and giving their rank-and-file hourly employees $7000 bonuses this month. When I spend my hard-earned cash on a car, it will come from an AMERICAN company that pays taxes in this country, and employs U.S. workers.

18th Feb 2012, 16:24

Read 'em and weep. The only reason GM has been reliable is due to its Buick brand, otherwise GM hasn't been real good for reliability. Maybe a vehicle here or there, but overall GM & Chrysler reliability isn't good.

Granted in some segments, American cars are a little better, mainly large size pickups, but Toyota is gaining ground fast.


19th Feb 2012, 12:47

23 MILLION recalls is "gaining ground fast?"

19th Feb 2012, 23:05

If GM went under, the economy would be worse off that it is now. Suppliers of the parts used in their vehicles would also suffer...

20th Feb 2012, 08:57

GM failed... FACT... They ONLY survive to this day because of government intervention and the use of taxpayer money. The government still owns 26.5% of GM to this day, and the loans have not been repaid, even with their supposed record profits. Even with millions of recalls, Toyota is gaining ground quickly, and will once again surpass GM, and they'll do it ON THEIR OWN.

Go ahead and support propped up businesses. That is ALL GM is... a government funded, propped up business. I believe their profit numbers about as much as I believe the unemployment rate is in the single digits. It is all election year propaganda in order for the government to sell more cars. If they are perceived to be a top quality brand, then more people will buy their vehicles.

Funny though... I can't seem to find an explanation as to how they top the charts, when most of their top sellers are the same vehicles they tanked with only 3 years ago. Seems that people will buy anything in this country in order to believe their All American companies are on top.

America is quickly becoming a fantasy land. A land where companies are honest and do the right thing, and are all for the American people. The continued support of these fantasies is only going to make the reality of failure harder to swallow when it occurs. I am all for America and our corporations surviving, but I demand that they do it on their own merits, and not on the backs of the taxpayers of this country. America was not founded on tax payers supporting corporations. I wholeheartedly believe GM should have been allowed to completely fail, so they would emerge a better company under totally new ownership and management.

Apparently many "patriotic" Americans think it is wiser to support failure, and are all for the "too big to fail" mentality. This is a sad time for America. It is sad to see blind support of failed businesses to keep the dream alive, instead of actually fixing the problems we have here. Denial is a powerful thing.