24th Nov 2012, 18:38

Correction to the above 3 posts, from a disinterested party.

The Cruze's roots are actually from GM's Euro groups, Opel and Vauxhall.

The Cruze is on the GM Delta II platform, which is an evolution of the Opel Astra. Previous revisions of this platform were sold in the US as as the Chevy Cobalt, Saturn ION and Saturn Astra.

The only connection to Daewoo, between a Cruze predecessor from GMDAT (General Motors Daewoo Auto and Technology, now known as GM Korea), and the Cruze sold in the US, is sharing of model names, but not any mechanicals, etc. Further, except for the Chevy Aveo, most GMDAT/GM Korea cars sold in the US, after the collapse of Daewoo, were sold by then GM-controlled Suzuki, which Suzuki was not very happy with such arrangements. GM sold their interest in Suzuki, in ill-fated efforts to stave-off bankruptcy. Luckily Suzuki is free from the GM burdens, and is selling Japanese cars again.

GM Korea does sell Daewoo lineage cars in the US (Spark (imported) & Sonic (now made in the US)), however the Cruze, sold in the US, is essentially an Opel Astra.

28th Nov 2012, 23:45

Actually, the Cruze was sold as the Daewoo Lacetti for a time. That is what is was called, anyway. Suzuki badged Daewoos, but no more GM. GM took a far bigger part of Daewoo than Suzuki. They rebadged the Daewoo Kalos as the Cheverolet Aveo in Canada and the U.S. In Canada they sold another two Daewoos as the Chevrolet Optra, and Epica. None of those cars were very good.

7th Jan 2013, 22:29

I certainly disagree with this review. I bought a new 2012 Cruze eleven months ago, and after 15K miles I am still delighted with it. The seats are wonderfully comfortable, the ride is incredible, and the steering and handling are super. It feels like a little race car.

I have had zero issues with it. The only returns to the dealer have been for oil changes and tire rotations. This car is a step ahead of its foreign competitors.

7th Jan 2013, 22:32

The new Cruze is a lot like an Impala. It is a great car that will give you thousands of miles of service with no major issues. It doesn't nickel and dime you to death like foreign imports.

8th Jan 2013, 14:36

Ah yes.... make sure and throw in some baseless comment about "Foreign imports".

9th Jan 2013, 12:18

Tasteless or not, most car experts seem to agree that the new Cruze (and Ford Focus as well) top the foreign imports in safety, build quality and reliability.

10th Feb 2013, 11:04

I have had a Cruze 2013 for close to a month. I thought "it's a car, what else to expect from a modern car?" Wrong. The unit is not ECO, and when on other cars the tank lasts one week, this lasts two, driven like my previous Peugeot 307, that I thought wouldn't have a rival... Much much better than a Corolla for example... Beautiful outside... I love it!!

11th Feb 2013, 14:48

In helping a good friend select a new car recently, we looked at the new Cruze. It was impressive and very well built. The styling is some of the best in its class. Unfortunately the dealership was not willing to discount the car nearly as much as Ford was on its world class Focus, so my friend bought the Focus. Both the Cruze and Focus are way ahead of any import in safety, build quality and reliability. My friend was getting rid of a four-year-old foreign car that had proven to be both boring and problematic.