16th Jul 2012, 03:59

Bought this 2004 Epica car 3 months ago. It is my first car; my parents bought it for 5 thousand. 98000k on it. Brand new bearings.

One month ago it started acting up.

1. Has stalled on me twice (shutting off), this was twice while reversing out of my driveway, and the 3rd time, last week, turned off in the middle of an intersection while making a left turn. Scared the hell out of me; car turns back on right away.

Will also drive very rough at times, you hit the gas and it takes 3 seconds to recognize, then shoots forward continuously. Sometimes when idling, the RPM will shoot up and down, revving the engine?

2. Problem comes and goes.

3. Taken to my small town mechanic, who put in new spark plugs and a new fuel filter; did NOT fix the problem.

4. Took it to a GM dealer, flushed out the pipe connecting the gas to the engine, and noticed a pinched wire and rewired it; did NOT fix it.

5. My car will not give off any error codes. Engine light goes on and off every now and then.

I am taking it to the dealer again and praying they fix it. I have a nasty feeling it's the transmission; not sure.

When the car is not acting up, it drives BEAUTIFULLY. I have fallen in love with this car and I'm hoping to fix it so I can keep it for years to come. I'm a student, and cannot afford to replace parts and 'hope' it fixes the issue.

If anyone else has had this same problem or has had it resolved, please let me know ASAP...

18th Aug 2012, 12:18

Wow, just got one yesterday, and the previous owner just gave me the history of work. It's at 130K and in 2009, she had to change the transmission (cost 3000), and also I see she changed radiator as there were some leakages. Now after reading all the above, I am freaked out. I think I ain't gonna even insure it, but will just sell it off.

22nd Aug 2012, 08:13

I do have the same problem with my 2006 Epica. Till now I have replaced the fuel pump, but it did not fix the problem. I guess it's some electrical problem.

1st Jun 2013, 05:00

Do not know where your car is made, but mine was made in Korea. There are issues that people should know about before buying.

Fuel consumption, which is 8 km/litre.

Idling speed of 1900 to 2000 in the morning for 15 seconds.

Brakes are NOT effective.

Brake sinking when the car stops at traffic lights.

Brake disc pads only last 20,000 km.

Rear brake disc pads at 30000 km.

Hand brake only effective on the rear left, and the handbrake shoe only lasts for 35000 km.

Automatic transmission jerks when shifting on a 5 speed transmission gearbox.

Alternator belt wears out at 45000 km.

Tyres (front) last 32000 km.

Aircon sucks after 15000 km.

The above are my experience, and GM local agents say it's normal, which I think is all sales tactics and pushing responsibilities elsewhere.

In my opinion, GM is longer the GM that I knew, as they rely on sales rather than service and customer satisfaction.

So better to sell it off and go for other makers.

1st Jun 2013, 23:58

Visit this site and a mechanic before making your next purchase.

18th Dec 2015, 20:39

Hi there, I have a 2009 Epica and it is experiencing the same problem. Do you have any tips on how to solve this?

8th Sep 2016, 19:34

I have a 2004 Chevrolet Epica and I am having the same problem with the windows and power mirrors. Has anyone had this problem repaired or know how to repair this problem? I have checked all the relays and fuses and all is OK. Is there another area that I am missing?