2003 Chevrolet Impala from North America




Brakes 4 times, PC board, transmission, steering, security.

General Comments:

I am a Chevy Impala owner (2003); what a piece of crap. Never will I buy a Chevy or an American made car again. So many problems, so many issues, and no help from GM customer service. I had hoped that the company would have closed for good.

The kicker is my father worked for that crappy company for over 25 years.

Never again.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2010

16th Oct 2010, 11:45

Yet another fine example of GM engineering... and people think Toyotas are so bad.

16th Oct 2010, 22:10

Yes I have to agree with you when you say "CRAPPY". I have also had problems with the steering with my 2003 Impala LS. I have had three rack and pinion steering gear units replaced in 30,000 miles. I also wished GM went under and was not bailed out. They used to build quality cars, but took their customers for a ride on anything they produced after 1990.

I also have a 2005 Impala. On the 2005, the intermediate steering shaft, front HUB bearings, ABS control module, and some engine seals have had to be replaced in 70,000 miles. I will never buy GM again ever.

I also own a FORD, and do not have these problems. GM's cars are poorly made, and I do not believe in what they are now saying when they tell you the quality has greatly improved.

17th Oct 2010, 13:01

My brother is a big Chevy fan, and has never had any of the issues I see in these comments with his Impalas.

Our 2003 GMC Envoy is now approaching 100,000 miles, and has never had so much as new brake pads (we seldom do brake jobs on any domestic before 100,000 miles because we know how to drive to prevent brake wear).

We also own 2 Fords, and have never had a single problem with them either. Our only car problems were with our Japanese and German imports.

2003 Chevrolet Impala LS from North America


I still love it, but Texas heat will kill you without A/C


I loved this car! Till I had a wreck on Christmas Eve 2009. Now the Message Center has gone nuts, flashing all kinds of messages, i.e. Low On Fuel and we just filled up.

The AC blower switch has gone out 3 times.

But, I still love the car and dread maybe having to trade it off. I now only have a little under 90,000 miles on it.

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Review Date: 5th May, 2010

2003 Chevrolet Impala Sedan 3.4L from North America


It's a nightmare


This car is a nightmare, the head gaskets blew at 50,000 miles, then the block cracked and has to be replaced 2 months later.

The radiator cracked and was replaced, along with every hose in this thing a week after the head gaskets were replaced.

All of this was done, and 4 months later here we sit with this car again overheating and no one can tell us why. We have replaced the whole engine just 4 months ago, and now it's over heating again.

We have replaced the thermostat, upper radiator, water pump and the tensor. Still over heating; I will never buy another Chevy again!

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Review Date: 6th December, 2009

6th Dec 2009, 09:36

"It's a nightmare"

- Well, I can tell you how to wake up from that nightmare very fast: Just get rid of that roach!!!

6th Dec 2009, 10:57

Yuck. I had similar issues with my Chevrolet around 50,000 miles too. Had a connecting rod failure in my Lumina at about 48,000. First and last Chevy I'll ever own!

6th Dec 2009, 19:08

My 2002 Impala had a $2,000 A/C failure in the heat of July. I got rid of it that day rather than fix it or endure the heat as it had been nickel and dimeing me ever since it was out of warranty. Silly me, I bought a 2007 Cobalt a few years later and thought it would be better, which it wasn't. No more GM cars! Even when they're bought new and gently driven and carefully maintained, they give you problems.