2003 Chevrolet Impala Base 3.4L from North America


-Front Brakes; 2 times.

-Constant squealing while braking.

-Warped the Factory rotors two times.

-Battery died once for no apparent reason.

-Factory tires tend to squeal while turning. There the "Tiger-Paw" Brand..

It doesn't bother me enough to buy new ones..

General Comments:

I bought this car Nov 2004 with about 32k miles, for about $12,000. It was a rental in its previous life.

It was a choice between a 03 Toyota Celica GTS, 02 Jetta or this car.

After test driving the Celica and my lack of experience with Jetta, I picked the Impala.

Faster than the Celica and cheaper to insure than both.

As far as the brakes go; I know I drive hard, my friends can vouch. I still believe the factory front brakes (rotors and pads) are not the best for the weight of this beast.

So I went and installed High Perf Pads and slotted & crossdrilled rotors@ about $275. I left the rear wheels alone.

Not a hint of problems since!!!

My battery died once in a parking lot after about 15 min of listening to music (not loud). Theres a system in the car that disables accessories when the battery gets too low. I think it tried; my whole dash flashed a couple times before it died. I had it jumped, had battery checked. It checked good..


I hope in no way that it sounds as if this is a bad car; because its far from it.

-Highway miles MPG are better than great

Drove from Dallas to Chicago, Averaging about 500 miles per tank.

-City miles suck; about 215 miles per tank.

-I can fit myself and 4 full size adults with the greatest of ease!!

-The trunk is a monster!!! I can probably park a Kia in it. :)

-I previously owned a sporty "looking" Saturn (R.I.P) before and managed to get pulled over about once a week.

The Impala is like invisible to police. I've only been stopped/chased once (I didn't see them behind me) ; doing 115 MPH on the highway. I had that one coming.

- The factory stereo is actually really good.

I had an amp and twelves put in anyway using the factory head unit.

Sounds even better now.

Nevertheless!!! I plan on keeping this car until I turn 23, when my insurance goes down. I'm 20 now.

---I have another survey on a 1996 Saturn SC1 "An American Honda", I was younger, but I still drive just the same.

Overall I'm truly happy with this car and hope it stays that way for a while...

I will update periodically!!!

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Review Date: 25th August, 2005

20th Nov 2005, 23:20


Had catalytic converter replaced @ 53k on 18 Nov 05.

I noticed a rattling exhaust sound @ about 46k and kept getting worse until I could'nt stand it anymore.

Is covered under the "Federal Emissions Warranty" up to 80K miles. Didn't cost me a thing. Accelerating sounds a lot better now.

It has to be done at a dealership though. Midas said they couldn't touch it by law if still under warranty.

4th Nov 2007, 14:25

Another update: 76,000 miles.

- Still alive and ticking, ticking like a time bomb! For sure have a loose/sticky lifter, took it in once; was told they couldn't do anything about it until it blew up. Makes the car sound cheap and old when giving it gas. It's pretty much a beater now. Afraid to drive it the 12 hours from Louisiana (military) to Chicago (home).

- I'm pretty sure my catalytic converter is clogged again.

- Since the base model does not have ABS, after slamming the brakes managed to destroyed all four tires with less than 17K miles on them.

- lost all four hubcaps.

- Don't want to put any money into it seeing as I can't wait to get rid of it.

Waiting for my credit score to come up a bit. Will definitely get rid of it by April 08'.

Was eying a Hyundai Sonata, changed my mind after test driving. Not sure what I want.

26th Mar 2009, 13:12

Last Update:

Traded her in Nov 08 @ 87K miles. The engine noise was just too embarrassing for me. I used premium synthetic oil the entire time, but still the lifter noise continued to get worse.

Also, apparently a common issue was standing water on the passenger floor. Very true! After the fourth or fifth time I was fed up. The interior smelled like an old wet basement.

The good: Paint, body, grille, lights and outside in general look like the day I bought it. After the dealership cleaned it and put it up for sale, the interior cleaned up very well. For a second I forgot why I got rid of it in the first place.

Nonetheless; my new baby, 06 Grand Prix GXP is keeping me content.

2003 Chevrolet Impala LS 3.8 from North America


This car is fun, not just a family car


I have not noticed any defaults.

General Comments:

This car is by far the most enjoyable ride of any car I have ever driven, in its class. It has it all style, reliability, sound, performance and comfort.

My sixteen your old stepson talks about it more than me. "I barely touch the gas and I'm going 40mph and feels like I'm going 15-20mph"

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Review Date: 18th July, 2005