19th Jul 2016, 20:48

I cringe when I see these cars set up with hydraulics and ridiculous paint. And massive wheels. Restored with the stock look in correct factory colors they are a gem. Try to find a 409.

20th Jul 2016, 20:27

Agreed. Wouldn't be so bad if they just did low-line Biscayne or BelAir sedans, but they seem to favor the Impala hardtops and ragtops.

And once the car has been dorked ("donked"), it is not ever going to be restored back to stock!

22nd Jul 2016, 16:35

Actually they can. I do not think they are doing Super Sports or 4 speed cars. I owned 3 1963s and 1 1964, all Super Sports. I would have passed on the 64 but it was a convertible and rare 4 speed. All convertibles I have seen were automatics. I made money on every single one. Issues were if you slammed the trunk really hard, a twilight would usually loosen. You could pull the key out with the car running. I liked the fish scale trim on the SS side moldings and console.

27th Jul 2016, 16:43

Sounds like you had the same experience as comment 13:15 posted above.

27th Jul 2016, 17:52

Not at all. Totally stock SS. Slamming a trunk isn't filling a car up with useless hydraulics. I would never change a factory 409 dual quad 4 speed SS ever. Just watch its value climb every year by staying factory, original numbers match. If it were a 4 door non SS, I can see doing it whatever way you wish.

27th Jul 2016, 18:17

Try reading them again.

They appear to be both posted by same person.

28th Jul 2016, 13:01

Couldn't be mine wasn't stolen. I also never donked one, however that commenter didn't indicate that they ever owned one. If you find a decent non molested example with a 4 speed and/or a convertible, it's desirable. I like in order 62, 63, rarer 61 or 59 with teardrop tail lights. 64 is more boxy, but it's desirable in SS trim. The entry level Biscayne vs higher level Impala trim is a hot piece for the drag strip. We even had a 63 wagon with fold flat 3rd row seat - pretty cool too.

28th Jul 2016, 13:09

I think that was the point being made.

30th Jul 2016, 11:37

A really nice find is a 1969 Caprice factory 3 door, well optioned, 396 with hideaways. Nice lines and performance in the only 20k plus range.

30th Jul 2016, 15:24

Oops a 2 door. I think a 3 door might exist by some manufacturer, but not here.

31st Jul 2016, 16:59

Saturn made a 3 door coupe for a few years. Actually it was more like 2 1/2 doors.

31st Jul 2016, 23:54

How about a Citation 3 door hatchback with a turbo X-11 package. Now there's a rare find.

1st Aug 2016, 00:12

Mini vans, but they are not cars.

1st Aug 2016, 12:24

Yeah, a Citation with a "turbo" would be really rare, since Chevrolet never built any.

1st Aug 2016, 19:05

Maybe they simply did an engine transplant.

2nd Aug 2016, 02:32

OK I stand corrected. Can't seem to find one that was actually produced. However I do collect and build rare 1:24 scale model kits and I have an '81 Citation kit with a 2.8 V6 and a turbo. Obviously it's a custom model kit, but doing a search I couldn't find an actual Citation from the factory with a turbo.

No need for sarcasm with your comment either.

2nd Aug 2016, 14:03

Are you referring to the yellow Monogram model? Because that was a 2-door notchback, not the "3-door" hatchback.

2nd Aug 2016, 16:19

My pick on Impalas are 396-409s with 4 speeds. No turbo, just normally aspirated V8s. Pre 1973 models. I don't know why anyone would want a Citation out of the Chevrolet numerous offerings.

2nd Aug 2016, 18:43

What about a Citation with a 4.9L Cadillac V8 engine and a four-speed transplanted into it?

3rd Aug 2016, 02:44

We get the point, you have repeated this numerous times.

3rd Aug 2016, 03:01

Yes, that is exactly what I was referring to, but I figured if there WAS such thing as a Turbo Citation, it would also be available in the more sporty 3 door. I painted my model silver body with black accents instead of chrome and maroon interior. Chevy actually referred the notchback as a "club coupe".

Again, I am convinced that there was no turbo Citation after doing some actual research. That car was the right idea at the right time, but yet a total fluke. As rare as they are, I would never own one. If I had my choice of an early '80s Chevy; give me a Monte Carlo or a 2 door Caprice/ Impala. These were the cars that GM knew how to build at that time.

3rd Aug 2016, 16:40

We obviously have some younger reviewers on here. If you find it economically feasible to do engine and trans replacements in a Citation, go ahead. I can see it in some models like a first gen Camaro, but no way on a Citation. If you love one, do it as a personal expression. But again there's far better choices in my opinion with all this time, work and money.