10th Aug 2012, 14:24

I just bought a used 2010 LTZ with the 3.9 engine and 4 speed auto, and 15000 miles on the clock. The previous owner was an elderly gentleman who lost his license.

My question is - does anyone with the engine and vintage have intake or head gasket problems? I heard this may be an issue for me.

Not sure I like the 18" tires either because of the replacement cost.

11th Aug 2012, 16:25

A lot of myths are spread by import owners about all domestic cars. I've heard the story about head gasket and intake gasket problems with the GM engines, but I have never known a single GM owner who had this problem. We've owned a number of GM cars, and none ever had this problem or any other problem. Our current GM was bought new 10 years ago, and has over 100,000 miles on it. It has never had a single repair of any kind.

30th Oct 2012, 01:19

If you've never known someone who had a GM with a intake manifold gasket problem, allow me to introduce myself. It's very common on specific engines, so your GM may not apply.

30th Oct 2012, 16:13

This problem with the intake manifold is mainly isolated to the 3.8 Series II produced from around 1994-2005 and the 3.1. These engines were used on a lot of models. I personally have had a Chevy Lumina with the 3.1 and 2 Buick Park Avenues with the Series II 3.8, and never had any issues with the engines. However I have known several people who have experienced it with both engines, including my parents with a Bonneville that had the 3.8.

11th May 2016, 16:22

GM has had intake manifold coolant leak problems on several models. The 3800s (from the 1990s) are known for it, and so does the 3100. Although they are completely different engines. They both have occasional issues where the intake manifold meets the heads. The later 3800s sometimes develop an internal coolant leak that very slowly feeds coolant to all cylinders. I have worked on all of them.

11th May 2016, 23:51

I have had 6 3800 2s/c and 4 naturally aspirated; I have had one intake go.