1993 Chevrolet Lumina Euro 3.1 MPFI V6 from North America


I want to drive this car forever!


ABS system was dead at time of purchase (GM dealer quickly repaired for free under their 30 day used car warranty).

Alternator $129 CDN (at 130K).

Right-front ABS speed sensor $60 (at 115K).

Had brass slide kit installed on rear brakes at time of purchase for $70 so brakes have NEVER seized! - I suggest using park-brake daily and have brakes lubed annually to maximize life-span - have replaced pads due only to regular wear.

Installed new front suspension strut-cartridges $60 ea., and rear struts $65 ea. (at 140K) - there was plenty of wear left, but rears started to make a noise, and I like a firm suspension, so I got the whole thing done at once (why not at those prices!).

New muffler $99 (at 140K).

Had minor leak in a coolant line - replaced pipe $40 (at 150K).

Replaced battery $89 (at 150K).

Replaced inner tie-rod arm $20 (at 160K).

Oil changed every 5000.

All services performed by the same GM Dealer I bought the car from (Pye Chev Olds in Truro, NS). Labor rates and times were reasonable, and I always got a loaner car, even if for just a few hours. Definitely worth the 100 KM trip out of the city to get it serviced by them.

General Comments:

This car has never failed to start, and has never quit once since I bought it. In fact, I have been able to drive the car the 100 KM distance to my dealer for each and every repair (even every oil change!)

I love the way it looks, the sweet snarl from the exhaust, the 3.1 V6 has plenty of power, and 4-speed auto is extremely smooth even after 185,000.

The body is tight and the car has stayed free of rattles and noises. The paint has stayed in beautiful factory condition with a limited amount of fuss. (Apparently most 93/94 Lumina's have good paint, but earlier models had flaking probelms due to the galvanized metal - at least they don't rust).

Handling is unbelievable! Quick and responsive, it inspires confidence. Lots of fun on winding country roads - This car makes a comfortable high-way cruiser too (which is where I drive 90% of the time).

The interior / dash is a bit different (small gauges and hard to find switches), but everything is laid out well and quite functional once you figure it all out - think of it as big muscular car from the 1960s, but more refined and with all the modern creature comforts.

I highly recommend one of these cars to anyone - they are cheap to fix, but stay on top of the regular maintenance, and know a good mechanic who can tell you what to do and when to do it.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2000

14th Jun 2001, 11:08

No doubt I have a 1990 Lumina Euro and a couple months ago, after having the transmission rebuilt at 204000 the idiots didn't put a bolt in the sub-frame and the engine fell out at a stop sign. Since then I have modified the type of bolts as well as the position. This car can still beat people at the take off and on long distance which is now at 210000. The only car that could be better is the Z34's which I am trying to buy so if you know of one for sale in Missouri email me at anonsrevenge@yahoo.com.

16th Oct 2006, 19:17

I bought a 1991 Lumina Euro from a buddy. He got it from his sister and her husband was a mechanic for a local dealership. I paid $500.00 for the car to be used as a winter car only. (I have two Mustangs that I don't want to drive in the snow.) I put a new battery in it the first year. After the car proved itself to me, I decided to keep it another year. I figured I'd squeeze every bit of my money out of it! The next year, I had to replace the turn signal switch and the key cylinder for the ignition. Both had worn out from usage. The car kept running fine! The third year, I didn't drive the car at all during the summer. I started it in October to get it ready for winter and discovered that chipmunks had eaten through the plug wires. No big deal. I replaced them and one coil pack. Now that this is my fourth year of driving the car, I finally bit the bullet and bought a used radiator since the original was leaking a bit. The car still runs great and looks great. Everything on the car works.

This is extremely odd for me since every GM vehicle I've ever owned has been a lemon for me. I bought a brand new Blazer in 1999 and had nothing, but problems with it.

I'm a Ford man, but would buy another Lumina when/if mine ever croaks or becomes too expensive to maintain.

I have to replace the rear struts. Has anyone done this and if so, is it a pain to do?


1993 Chevrolet Lumina Coupe 3.1 (gasoline) from North America


I've had to replace the alternator twice, and the door handle has broken on the driver's side, which was expensive to replace. Also, it's had a burst power steering pressure line, which was quite difficult to replace due to incredibly confined space under the hood, and an inoperative turn signal. The car now has around 82,000 miles on it.

General Comments:

It's been a very good, reliable car, with the exception of the alternator problems. A word here: I have friends who also own Luminas and apparently the problem with alternators isn't restricted to my car, other Luminas also tend to eat alternators. Fortunately the alternator is a snap to replace. This car has never left me stranded at the side of the road and is a real pleasure to drive.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2000

5th Jan 2004, 17:52

My husband and I have a Lumina Z34. We purchased the car at 82k miles, and since then, have put in three alternators and two driver's side door handles. My kids and I were rearended by another manufacturer's truck, while sitting still, the other truck had quite a bit of damage and we had no damage to the Lumina. We are now starting to have some vacuum problems. Will deal with that as we find out what's wrong. It's at the shop while we speak. BUT we love the car! Lumina alternator problems are, from what we're told, due to the location of the alternator and that it stays "too wet" and unless driven A LOT will tend to do this often.

23rd Jul 2004, 20:11

My wife and I have had our 93 Euro for about 5 years now. We too have replaced multiple alternators. As long as you buy one with lifetime warranty that is not much of an issue, just an occasional inconvenience. Our car now has just over 124,000 miles on it.

Just replaced the struts all around last weekend. Brakes have been a partial issue, we are on our third set, but have a good gm mechanic is the family is excellent. Speaking of, my father is my mechanic and he has a 91 euro and my mother has a 92 euro. They are all running strong with the 3.1 and no major issues.

This car and model has been an awesome car. I would recommend to anyone.