1995 Chevrolet Lumina APV 3.8L from North America


Hi, Service Department, it's me again!!


Replaced a head gasket.

Replaced a wiper motor.

Previous customer stated the brakes were replaced 3 times, I replaced them again.

Replaced an intake manifold.

Replaced a doughnut gasket, and manifold.

Replaced an alternator.

General Comments:

I baby this vehicle and she still seems to get me in trouble!!! Every time I turn around I'm looking at a serious repair bill. A wiper motor and a doughnut gasket cost me $700.00 and don't even think of tackling this job yourself unless you are about 3 feet tall and are double jointed with $5,000 dollars of specialty tools. It's a shame too, I change oil every 2500 to 3,000 miles, have changed the transmission fluid already, flushed the cooling system and even run high test gas in this puppy and she still bites me!!!

This could have been an excellent vehicle if it was not so prone to repairs.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2001

9th Jun 2001, 19:22

I know someone who has a van similar to yours but a 1994 model. It is also very prone to repairs. It's usually in the garage almost once a month. The van is in excellent shape, but still costs an arm and a leg to repair.

1995 Chevrolet Lumina APV 3.1 from North America


Cheap made car by GM


Had to replace the gas tank.

New valve cover gaskets.

New main bearing seal.

New alternator.

New front seat hardware, seat broke.

New door handles on both doors, both of them broke of in people's hands.

New head rests.

Replaced broken air conditioning vents.

Arm rests in front driver's seat broke. I was told this part is not replaceable, just live with it.

New side window.

General Comments:

This van is very smooth and comfortable, but is very poorly made.

Way too many problems with this van.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2001

26th Feb 2003, 00:21

I have the 1996 Lumina apv and we love it. I have not done a single thing in 3 years of service other than oil changes and 1 flush and fill. This van has the 3.4 liter. Am I due for some surprises?

1995 Chevrolet Lumina Sedan 3.1 from North America


A reliable car


Battery. I tried replacing it myself (which I have done before with other cars I have owned but I couldn't on this car. Too much stuff was in the way.)

Front brakes (pads and rotors). When will GM make a car that does not need a front brake job before 30,000 miles?

Cup holder under the radio broke (cheap design).

General Comments:

Overall good car for the money.

Good acceleration.

Good interior and trunk room.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2000

22nd Jan 2001, 22:15

That's kinda funny, my cup holder under the radio broke too. Piece of junk.

3rd Apr 2001, 15:20

Could be the GM Goodwrench service or the lemon of a car I've got, but in the past 2 months my car has needed upper and lower intake gaskets replaced AND a new head gasket. Total cost to me??? $1,645.23. A very expensive car to maintain. Would never ever, ever, ever buy another GM product!!!

1995 Chevrolet Lumina from North America


Nothing has gone wrong...this is the best car I've ever owned...very easy to own and operate.

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Review Date: 29th June, 1998

1995 Chevrolet Lumina APV 3.1 liter, 6 cyl. from North America


Power window slipped off track. Fixed under warranty.

General Comments:

Second Lumina minivan that I have owned. Very quiet, solid, surprisingly economical. Rear seats very easy to remove and replace. Excellent vehicle in rain, ice, and snow.

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Review Date: 29th June, 1998

1st Dec 2001, 02:24

I agree. Our 94' Lumina mini-van has performed well. My wife and I like it better than our first mini-van, a 90' Caravan. The Lumina seems more solidly built with much less rattles and shakes. Only a few minor complaints. 1. Front seat hardware broke, (driver's),although we can still use it. 2. alternator replaced. 3. Driver's side power window switch needed repaired, (turned out to be an in-expensive wire). In my opinion, the sound system is comparable to the Dodge's "Infinity" system, with the exception of no tail-gate rattle.

2nd Feb 2003, 09:06

We bought our 1995 Lumina APV with 79K miles on it. It has given us reliable service (now 95K). Engine had bad oil leak (mechanic said faulty gasket installation at factory). I have had to replace outside door handles on both front doors. Other than that I can't complain. STILL very futuristic styling. Why trade it off? I love it!

10th Jul 2003, 05:01

I currently own my second Lumina APV. I fell in love with my 1991 model and traded it in on a 1996 only because I got a great deal on it. My 91 was a gem, very few problems, and this van is even better. I was originally going to get a smaller car after the first Lumina - but I love these cars! Handles well, looks good, dependable and nothing seems to stop it! Good in any kind of weather! I've got 75K on this one and I'm going to keep it until it's just a rusted splinter of metal on four worn out tires!

12th Aug 2003, 10:04

We must have got a lemon, 94 Lumina minivan. Just broke 100.000 miles with 1. New engine. 2. new transmission. 3. New front end, this POS has given us so much headaches and cost so much money it's sick. Strangely enough it all happened after the five year mark...comments? Drop me a line Dan dantk2@yahoo.com...bye for now :)