1977 Chevrolet Malibu Classic 250 inline 6 from North America


Not bad. Then again, not great


Poorly secured A/C hose rubbed against accessory belt, wearing through the line, causing premature A/C failure.

Front springs started sagging at 50,000 miles. Valve lifter noise set in at about this point as well.

Master cylinder failed at 60,000 miles.

General Comments:

This replaced a 1974 Mailbu 4 door reviewed elsewhere on this site.

Dark green metallic 4-door. Beige vinyl upholstery.

Right off the bat, we liked the upgrade to the Classic interior as well as air conditioning.

The performance was OK with one person in the car with the A/C off. Put 3 passengers in the car, and turn on the A/C, and life... gets...

The TurboHydraMatic 3 speed automatic performed flawlessly :)

Also, right off the bat was the fluttering of the speedometer needle below 25 MPH. Small item, but evidence that the lessons learned about what the customer would tolerate with the Vega experience were learned. Its 1974 predecessor had no such problem.

It's 1974 predecessor did not develop valve lifter noise either. The car was fastidiously maintained, like its 1974 predecessor.

The one good thing is that the engine did NOT develop bottom-engine noises like so many other 1975-and-newer inline 6 Chevrolet engines did.

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Review Date: 12th March, 2017

12th Mar 2017, 15:51

So replace the cable. Have fun with your car.

19th Mar 2017, 02:41

Thanks for the reply :)

We would have, small stuff started happening, like the master cylinder checked out, the A/C tanked, and the the front springs started to sag, so...

Again - not a bad car, but not as good as its 1974 predecessor.

1977 Chevrolet Malibu Classic Landau 355 small block Chevy from North America




Stock 305 and TH350 were pulled and replaced with a 355 SBC that has been built up. Tranny has been strengthened and stuffed with a B&M shift kit.

The body is straight, no rust, except for the sail panels and area around the rear window.

Interior will be fixed, front end needs to be aligned, and wheels and tires must be replaced.

Bought from a friend last year for $850.

General Comments:

I want this car to be my ultimate hot rod. Loud and fast. I want it to scare little kids, and make old people swear at it.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2010

30th Nov 2010, 13:18

Sounds like you're on your way. I had a 77 Monte Carlo Landau with a 350/TH350 in it. It wasn't evil, but it would scare little kids and make the elderly shiver.

But it was sky blue with a baby blue landau; not evil, but mean. I put nearly 150,000 on it in the time I had it, bringing the total to somewhere around 240k.

The engine and tranny were great, as was the interior, but it was a Minnesota car, so it rusted out. I sold it for 60 bucks when the engine started to fall out from bad frame rails. Not mounts, at the time mounts were 40 bucks for this car, but the rails weren't worth fixing at the time.

The guy I sold it to was going to demo it, but I saw it later, painted white with new body work. He restored it.

1977 Chevrolet Malibu Classic 305 cid from North America


CRAP motor


Car broke my heart - soft lobes on the cam in the 305 killed my car - GM did not publish recall.

AVOID 305 c.i.d.

General Comments:

Loved the car other than being a mechanical nightmare.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2007

1st Sep 2007, 15:16

You are complaining that a 30 year old motor wore out? Sounds like it lasted pretty well to me!

20th Dec 2014, 20:33

The engine was 8 years old when he bought the car.

1977 Chevrolet Malibu Classic 305 V8 from North America


To sum this up, this car is every thing you could ask for in a car


So far, I have only had the car for about four to five months. During that time I have had to replace the master cylinder.

It needs quite a few things thou. The roof needs some metal work, it leaks right where the top of the front window is. After that some fresh paint and a new rag top. The car fades to the right when I let go of the steering wheel, it needs a new fan belt, the hood is bent in one little spot, the seats need new interior, the right side of the bench seat will not slide back, the gas metor doesn't work, the light on the roof is broken, and the driver side window doesn't roll up very easily.

General Comments:

Just becouse it needs a little work doesn't change my thoughts about this car thou. It is a great car. It rides smooth and goes over bumps like nothing. I love the feel of it's jiant mass as it turns around corners. The seats are like sofa's. When I look at this car, I see a muscle car slash luxury. It has much potential in my eyes.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2006

15th Nov 2006, 16:58

I agree entirely with your review. I purchased one of these back in May-2006 and it's beautiful. The motor itself was abused by the previous owner so it barely made it home, but the ride was so smooth it was like riding in a modern luxury car. The trunk area and rear windshield both have serious leak damage, but not in-repairable with some elbow grease. Like yourself I see plenty of potential for muscle as well as smoothness in this car. I'm happy someone sees it like I do. :)