2000 Chevrolet Malibu LS 3.1 from North America


It's a piece of crap


Intake leaking - intake gasket replaced.

Hesitation, surging - replaced camshaft sensor.

Hesitation, surging, loss of power - replaced coil pack.

Hesitation, surging, loss of power - replaced crankshaft sensor (both of them).

Leaking exhaust - replaced extended pipe, muffler and tail pipe.

Hesitation, surging, loss of power - replaced catalytic converter.

Rusting out near gas filler.

SES light on - replaced oil pressure switch.

SES light on - replaced crankshaft sensor.

Noisy brakes - replaced front brake pads and rotors - three times.

General Comments:

Intake gasket poorly made - has nylon in it, which melts during usage.

SES light comes on very often, and has false problems, such as theft system and restraint system.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2011

2000 Chevrolet Malibu Base 3.1 from North America


A great little car (if it's been maintained)!


Blower motor.

Power steering pump.

Water pump.

Starter (damaged in a flood).

TPS (damaged in a flood).

General Comments:

I only paid $400 for this car. Nothing was wrong with it except the power steering pump and water pump. A friend just didn't want it after a divorce.

It has been a great car. It's never left me stranded, never refused to start, and has only required mostly basic maintenance. I'd definitely do it again.

No, it's not the best of the best, but it's never let me down. Best $400 I've ever spent.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2011

2000 Chevrolet Malibu 3.1 from North America


Quality: the poorest quality of any car that I have owned!

Manifold leak, motor leak, transmission sucks, brakes suck, A/C doesn't work, power steering got loose, spring in front broke. Shock replaced twice.. Muffler and pipes disintegrated in 2 years by corrosion!

The Malibu must be the worst car on the road ever!

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Review Date: 9th November, 2010

2000 Chevrolet Malibu LS 3.1L from North America


The car is a very good reliable car


Control unit flicking on and off.

Low pressure switch went out.

General Comments:

I have not had any major things go wrong with the car so far. The car still runs very strong, and I have only had issues with the AC control. It keeps shutting on and off on me. The issue is either a loose connection or the panel is bad. I will be taking it off and looking at it soon.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2010

2000 Chevrolet Malibu V6 from North America


Not a bad car, just a few things to fix. Cheap if you do it yourself


We have had problems with our 2000 Chevy Malibu over heating; the fans would not run on. We are also having problems with the right outer tie rod.

Perhaps to help a few other people that may be having this problem, what you want to do is check your sensor for the radiator. It is a small piece on the driver's side. Turn your car on and disconnect the wires from the sensor; they should just pop off. If your fans turn on, it is your sensor. It is an easy piece to change, and only costs about $15.00; 10.99 for the sensor and 4.99 for the thread sealer. Make sure before you take your sensor off, you relieve the pressure from your radiator so you don't get hot water sprayed in your face. Once this is fixed, it will help your A/C be cooler, but it will not completely fix your A/C.

Another thing he did to help with that is replaced the blower, and make sure get a can of A/C stuff to put in. Where you put it in is on the passenger side close to the firewall. You will see a small plug (it is not easy to get to), and just connect the hose you get with the can of A/C stuff. Try to do it at a time when your car is not hot.

Once we get under there, look at the passenger outer tie rod. I will make another update that may help a few people with this car. And please, by all means, if someone tells you that unhooking the sensor with not help check your fan, I promise you if it is your sensor, your fans will turn on... just try it. It's about a 5 minute process.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2010

21st Jul 2010, 18:18

It's so refreshing to read reviews from people who actually do their own repairs.

I'm a car enthusiast and mechanic, and I'm shocked at the outrageous prices I see on here that people pay shops to do very inexpensive and simple repairs. I've seen $900 brake jobs. You can replace every part in the entire system for $200 or less, and most shops tell you you need brake pads tens of thousands of miles before you really do. One of my very UN-car savvy friends paid a shop $275 to replace a TAIL LIGHT BULB (a $10 part that takes 30 seconds to replace), and my clueless mother-in-law paid $415 to have a HEADLIGHT FUSE replaced (a 50-cent part that takes 10 seconds to replace). Congratulations on saving yourself a LOT of money!!

28th Oct 2010, 11:18

I have a 2000 Malibu LS, I have had very few problems with this car.

I do all my own work and it saves a bundle, have done the intake gaskets already. When I bought it, it had about 43,000 miles on it. Now 4 years later it has 79,000. I guess if you abuse the car it will not treat you right! It all depends on how it is driven.