2000 Chevrolet Malibu 6 cylinder from North America


Best money I have spent on a car


Was involved in the hazard light recall, but haven't had to replace anything else except tires and brakes and battery.

With 160,000 miles on it, my husband thought I was crazy for buying new 60,000 mile tires. At 222,000 miles I bought another set.

General Comments:

Would love to find another car as reliable as this one has been for me.

Stored outdoors 24/7, it has never failed to start even in the coldest midwest winters.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2008

2000 Chevrolet Malibu LS V6 from North America


Decent car


My brakes scare me, I always have to push all the way down to the floor to stop, and they feel very rough.

The power in my back window isn't working anymore.

Had years of turn signal problems.

A little shaking going past 70 mph.

General Comments:

Not a bad car for the price.

I contacted GM knowing my VIN # for the turn signal (hazard warning switch) problem wasn't listed.

Found out they have a 'special policy' which my VIN # was included. One problem down..more to go

Finally got them fixed. Yeah

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Review Date: 31st July, 2008

31st Jul 2008, 17:47

Seriously if your brakes scare you you should get it fixed. You're not only putting your life at risk here.

2000 Chevrolet Malibu from North America


Too much trouble to fix


The fuel filter has been replaced.

The fuel pump has been replaced twice.

The air filter has been replaced twice.

The head gasket blew at about 75,000 miles.

The air conditioner has a leak.

All 4 windows are broke.

General Comments:

I keep looking for a recall for the windows, because everyone I know has had the same issues and with the air conditioner being broken too... it's very hot in there.

I always said I would never buy from another company, but after owning this car... I can't say that now.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2008

2000 Chevrolet Malibu LX 2.4 from North America


It is junk!!!


We bought this car in Dec. of '04. Shortly afterwards the turn signals quit working. Dealer fixed this for around $200.00.

Shortly after that, the head gasket had to be replaced, along with the water pump, serpentine belt, and coolant jug. The dealer cross threaded the cap on the jug, making it almost impossible to put back on once you take it off.

Not long after that, the A.C. turns itself off every 30 seconds (I have since learned to just keep one finger on it while driving, so I don't burn up in the Texas heat).

Motors for the electric windows work only when they feel like it (nothing more embarrassing than having to get out of your car in the bank drive through, to deposit your check because the windows decided not to roll down).

Last month while driving to work, the bracket that connects the motor mount to the engine block broke. After taking it off and inspecting it, I found two of the four bolts that hold the bracket to the block were broke off. These bolts were broke at least an inch down in the threaded holes, indicating that they were probably broke off due to over tightening when the dealer put the second water pump on. I bought a new bracket and put it on myself. I was unable to drill out the broken bolts, so I was hoping that 2 bolts would hold it.

Two days later the pulley on the NEW!!! water pump froze up, causing the belt to break. Had the car towed back to Chevrolet dealer. The new pump and belt cost me $640.00. I told them to go ahead and do what they had to do to get the broken bolts out while they had the water pump and motor mount out of the way. I even supplied the bolts myself. (it took another Chevy dealer 2 weeks to find these bolts).

The service adviser called and told me that the bracket is only supposed to have two bolts and it was ready to pick up. I went down and showed them 'on their own computer' where the bolts go. I was given the excuse that the technician was too short to see down that far, and that they would get this done for me; of course I had to pay 250.00 more in labor to remove everything a second time.

They claim that they were only able to get one of the bolts out, but their technician assured the service adviser that the car would be "just fine with only three bolts."

Since getting the car back it has overheated every time I drive it, it has also started losing power when at highway speeds. I need to do something but I am afraid to take back to the dealer, I am tired of being "raped" by the service dept.

I have also had problems with the paint coming off. I thank God that the primer stayed on (hey gray primer looks better than rust).

General Comments:

I will never buy another G.M. product. This car is nothing but crap!!! The entire four years that we have owned this car we have had to constantly fill the radiator up. Why??? The dealer says it is fixed.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2008

6th Dec 2009, 21:34

I had the motor mount brackets break off too! Lucky us.