27th Apr 2008, 21:57

I've been waiting for the reviews on the new Malibu to start coming in. Thanks for sharing yours. I love the new styling and can't wait for the new coupe I've heard rumors about.

I switched back to GM a few years ago after driving Ford and Dodge for 30+ years. The improvement in GM cars and trucks is truly amazing. We now own an 8-year-old GM compact and a 6 year old GM SUV.

On a 100-mile trip this morning in the compact I noticed that at 90mph the engine is only turning 2800 rpm's (with a redline of 6200). It is smooth, solid and quiet. Neither of our GM's has ever had a single repair and both look and drive like brand new.

Keep us posted on your Malibu, as there might be one in my future!!

28th Apr 2008, 17:33

There's nothing wrong with calling it a "Malibu", just be very thankful that they didn't call it Chevette or Lumina!

3rd May 2008, 18:36

They might not be state of the art, but the old Chevettes and Luminas were rock solid. There are still 2 Chevettes in our little town that are daily drivers and a lot of Luminas. Boring yes. But reliable and long lasting for sure.

16th Jul 2008, 04:28

I recently had the chance to drive a new Malibu from Bar Harbor Maine to Northern New Jersey. On that trip, I averaged an incredible 34 MPG which included some light traffic. Granted, it was the 4 cylinder mated to a 6 speed auto but even so, the power and refinement from the 4 cylinder lead me to believe it was a V6, especially for a car this size. A Chinese proverb states, never back a dragon into a corner. In this case I strongly believe the tough competition from the foreign manufacturers was what made GM turn around from producing playskool toys. This was the first car I drove from GM in 8 years. Back then I said never again. The new Malibu has changed my mind about GM and what they can do when the bean counters are removed from the equation. The car is not perfect but actually better than my 2008 Mercedes C300.

19th Jul 2008, 10:48

To 04:28. Was that the new 4 cyl LTZ model that I heard was coming? I was wondering because I haven't heard that the 6 spd auto was going to be offered on an LT 4 cyl. That is awesome mileage! I've seen 35.5 mpg on my 08 Altima when the roads are 55mph highways and there isn't much stop-and-go. But most of the time I average 29-30 mpg with about 70% highway driving at 65-70 mph. I've heard that the 4cyl 6spd combo is supposed to nearly match the Altima's mileage but haven't talked to anyone with actual experience before this.

9th Aug 2008, 13:49

I totally agree with comment 04:28. I'm part of a wealthy family and all the wives demand a Mercedes for ego-appeal (except my wife who is a rebel and drives a GMC!!). The guys all drive domestics, mostly Ford F-150 trucks except for one Hummer. In all honesty I really think that the new Malibu (as well as the new Ford Fusion) is a better car than the C-class Mercedes.

1st Apr 2009, 14:02

"...that the new Malibu (as well as the new Ford Fusion) is a better car than the C-class Mercedes."

Wow. Two more years and I don't need my minivan anymore, two long years!