2008 Chevrolet Malibu LT 2 3.6L V6 from North America


Great car, great value, great deal!


Alignment seems to be off now, I'm getting it checked out next week.

My brakes appear to be slightly warped (although I'm known to do this to ANY brake setup I have ever had).

The down shift programing could be better, but functions fine.

General Comments:

I love the car from the inside out. The interior is top quality and really looks expensive. The accent lighting, while annoying at first, has been helpful from time to time.

I love the steering, quietness and overall quality of the car. The gray color I bought hides dirt very well and even the wheels look nice dirty.

I don't understand why the whole center light doesn't illuminate when you open the doors. (It is divided into a half circle that illuminates the majority of the car. However there are two reading lights on the rear half of the circle that only illuminate when you push them on.)

Not many accessories/options available. I had to buy a custom spoiler from the dealership since Chevy is not currently offering/making one.

I wish there was more to distinguish between my car, with the V6 over the V4. Most of the changes are just mechanical, with the only external changes being the wheels and dual exhaust (compared to single). I would have liked to have seen fog lights, a spoiler, or other easy exterior modifications for setting my car apart from the weaker V4 model.

Overall, I'm just picky and no one car has everything I want/like. I'm very satisfied with my car and have not second guessed my decision at all. I think anyone who is considering a mid-size car should definitely look at the Malibu. You will be amazed.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2008

13th Apr 2008, 21:50

Just a question. Why go with the 2LT and a V6 rather than an LTZ? Wouldn't that have solved the anonymity issue regarding what engine it had? Was there a big price difference? I know that Chevrolet will be offering an LTZ 4cyl (with the 6 speed automatic) in the future but for now "LTZ" means "V6"....OK,OK there were three questions :)

2008 Chevrolet Malibu LS 2.4 from North America




It is brand new.

General Comments:

I'm amazed the GM has finally built the BEST car in its segment. The interior is nicer than all of its Japanese competitors. It is quiet, competent, and way more luxurious than you would think a Chevy could be. It's road manners are superb. I bought the LS for less than $20k, and it is nicer than most $45k luxury cars. It has knockout good looks and styling. I could have wasted money on a Honda, Toyota, or Nissan, which all deserve past credit for building superior machines, but no more. GM has finally built a world class car.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2008

27th Apr 2008, 22:05

The new Malibu is definitely a credit to GM. I'm very impressed with how far GM has come in recent years. I'd take the Malibu over any import on the market. We currently own one 8-year-old GM and one 6-year-old GM. Neither has ever had a single repair. The 8-year-old has had tires, one battery and the brake pads replaced (at 70,000 miles). The 6-year-old has had one battery and absolutely NOTHING else, not even tires (it came with top-of the line 17" Michelins).

When my older GM car is ready to replace (probably in another 200,000 miles!!), I'll definitely give the Malibu a look.

2008 Chevrolet Malibu LTZ 3.6L DOHC V6 from North America


Envy me all you like, import owners!


This car is still practically brand new, so I have not had any problems arise.

Complaints are very limited, but are as follows:

- The 6 speed automatic transmission shifts rather slowly and hesitates on down shifts, even when using the paddle shifters in "manual" mode.

- Location of the power mirror controls. You have to lean forward pretty far to adjust your mirrors, then return to your driving position to see if you need to adjust them again.

- The opening for the trunk is slightly smaller than my last vehicle, even though the capacity of the trunk is enormous.

General Comments:

What a beautiful car! And very affordable for this level of luxury and number of amenities. The leather seating in the LTZ is very soft and feels very high quality. All the features (power and heated seats, 6 disc premium sound system, chrome trimmed dashboard, driver information center, remote start, auto dimming mirrors, etc.) lead me to believe I am in an expensive European luxury sedan, instead of an American Made Chevrolet.

The sound levels inside the car are amazing. At highway speeds on the rough Washington and Idaho interstates, you can still have a quiet conversation using your "inside voices".

The 252 HP V6 is extremely impressive! The acceleration will push you back in your seats even at half throttle. With the 6 speed automatic, this engine really pulls hard all the way to its electronically controlled top speed of 117 mph! The gas mileage I've experienced has been a very acceptable 23.5 mpg for my mixed city/hwy driving.

Chevy has done amazing things in their mid-size car line with this all new Malibu. All of the articles and reviews I have read hold true to what I see in my own car. I just wish they called it something other than a "Malibu", because this car is light years ahead of the previous versions!

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Review Date: 7th February, 2008

7th Apr 2008, 12:49

Update from the original poster:

The car is now at 5100 miles and I'm still in awe. On a recent road trip (300 miles each way), we actually experienced 27.3 miles per gallon for the all interstate adventure (70-72 mph) - based on odometer and actual pumped quantities! The driver information center claimed 28 avg mpg, but I believe the calculator and gas receipts to be more accurate.

Everything is performing above expectation. The front power seats amaze me at the wide range of adjustment they allow. It's impressive how far forward and up they will go to make it easy to retrieve those wayward french fries thrown by my toddler.

New accessories on the car are deeper tinted windows and the OEM Splash Guards. I love how the dark windows really set off the chrome surround. It really gets attention where ever we go and I notice people on the freeways frequently looking at it.

Still happy and a huge fan! Thanks, GM!