2008 Chevrolet Malibu LS 2.4 from North America


Best 4dr car you can buy for less than $19,000


Warped brake rotors - dealer fixed under warranty.

Door seals rubbing paint off pillar - dealer says it is normal. I call B.S. I filed a complaint with GM, but it has gone no where. This is a common problem, check the Chevy Malibu message forum and you will see.

General Comments:

My Malibu LS with the 2.4 liter is a nice car for the money. It's not fancy, not that fast or all that great in handling, but for $18,500 it's the best car you can buy.

I bought this car to haul the family around, and it does that very well. Two car seats fit fine in the back, even those space robbing rear facing infant seats.

My 2yr old son sits behind me with plenty of room for him, and plenty of room for me in the drivers seat.

Being 6-1, I had a hard time finding a car that could do this.

BTW, a Colt 1911 will fit in the dash clam shell storage compartment.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2009

7th Nov 2010, 11:45

Yeah, mine's doing something like that with the seals as well. It could be dirt, but paint wouldn't surprise me. I am sure one can get something that wouldn't rub off that will protect the paint or metal. This car is far from perfect, but for the money it's a good car, and let's face it, GM has to do this step by step, it has to keep money rolling in from older models before it can improve or design new ones. They have done very well at this in my book, just look at their late 90 cars, and they have some such as the Regal and Lacrosse that make the Malibu look real cheap!

2008 Chevrolet Malibu LS 2.4 from North America


A very good car, just not the most fun


Anti-sway bar replaced via warranty at no cost at 33,300 miles.

General Comments:

It seems to be a very reliable car as well as efficient for the size of it. It gets around 33mpg highway at 70 or a hair below. Once over 70mph it drops into the upper to mid 20s. This is with the four speed auto. Hopefully the six is much better.

The engine is very good; fires up nicely and sounds good at high revs. The four speed is really lacking; shifts are somewhat crude at times and there is no manual override. This however is corrected in the six speed version. They did at least offer a mode called Intermediate mode, and it holds a gear for about 1500 more rpm and does engine braking, which is nice.

This car is for my driving netting around 21mpg city; once again good for the size.

The car is whisper quiet. The fan will drown out the engine, and it looks good from every aspect. Inside is very good, but as some have stated, it's still cheap in some areas. Mind you I traded an older Audi in for this!

This is a very competent car drives very relaxed, will handle better than expected in the twisties, but the weight bias and tranny let it down.

The 2.4 is very reliable, and torque is abundant from lower rpm, as it is surprisingly bad for torque steer while the traction control is active!

When I was car shopping I decided on this for many reasons; one of which is it's Made in America almost 100%, and I wanted to support GM's resurrection of sorts, as they produced things such as the G8 and CTS. I couldn't afford such cars, and at the time gas was a big factor so I went with the Malibu, since it get mileages that are as good or at least close to many cheaper and much uglier cars.

I may however trade it in for a 2011 Ford Fiesta when it arrives, depending on whether or not Ford USA screws up an entertaining little car from Europe.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2009

16th Oct 2010, 08:51

I now have 40000+ miles. The car doesn't seem any different than when I got her. I will say that if I had it to do over, I would get something with more driving character, such as the new Kizashi, which is like an A4 for Malibu money. Unfortunately that would mean me going upside down, and in a big way.

The Malibu is a fine car; a little cheap in the fit and finish department, not much though. Seeing as I will most likely have to hang on to her, I just got a bike for adventure, and when they decide that gas should be $3. The car is for bad weather and comfort; this combo works really well. The bike is noisy, windy and exciting. The car is quiet, soft and comfortable.