9th Feb 2008, 23:17

I own a 1998 Chevrolet Malibu, and I must say, I haven't experienced a car quite like it, a lot of you are having these reoccurring problem because of improper care, I've taken excellent care of mine, and of course your going to have problems with a car, every car has its problems, buy a 1995 neon, or a cavalier/sunfire, and you'll experience more than your fair share of problems and expenses, but as for my car, as I said I took very good care of it, oil changes every 5000k, I too, went aftermarket with a few parts, and haven't experienced many problems since, I bought this car used in 2001, and have loved it ever since. P. s I was told by many many people that the ABS light comes on quite frequently, and it shouldn't cause any problems.

19th Mar 2008, 16:12

I own a 99 Chevy Malibu which I believe is almost exactly the same as the 98.

I have had problems with the brakes since purchasing the car a year and half ago. I've replaced the rotors and pads 3 times in a 1 year, and the last time I did it the caliper froze on me. Lucky for me I didn't drive very far because I know how easilly this car warps rotors.

The engine ticks when it runs. I've been told this isn't a major problem at first but will eventually become one.

Had to replace the blower resistor, the fan would only work on 5. Wheel bearings are in need of replacement, but this is due to putting it in the ditch while driving in an ice storm.

I have experienced a sound on dry pavement that very much reminded me of what your ABS sounds like when you hit a patch of ice, and upon hearing this sound I noticed that I could not slow the car effectively.

ABS light is on periodically

SERVICE light is on when it wants to be.

This car is, in my opinion, NOT ENTIRELY a POS. But I must say it has it's annoyingly prominent and apparently common repairs. I would say that what WILL happen to your Malibu is enough for me to know I should not have bought mine... phooey.

24th May 2008, 08:33

I am the inherited owner of a 98 Malibu, 4 cylinder. It has 104,556 miles. As for the brakes, get name brand top line rotors and ceramic pads. The check engine light is a common companion to me. The dealer can't fix it and every time the computer is checked it gives a different code each time. Can't afford to fix it. I will never buy a GM product again!

30th Jul 2008, 15:20

I own a 1998 Chevy Malibu 83,000 miles second owner, before my uncle who wrote everything down to the core everytime something was filled changed, serviced anything it was hit a year ago had to replace entire front end.

Runs like a pro, I have indeed have had to replace the brakes and rotors 3 times these past 11 months, new struts, cam rebuilt, ABS light YES, until I replaced the left hub assembly, no more worn brakes and no more ABS light, had the exhaust redid.

At 19 I drive like a nut, I purposely go off road and get it dirty, still no major problems knock on wood.. LOL.. but all in all it's a great running car, have taken numerous road trips, ran like never before, still does.

My plan to put in a cold air intake, twin exhaust, some other mods, but sounds like some people just got lemons, or they just don't service their cars when they need to be.

22nd Aug 2008, 00:35

All right people listen up! I have read each and every comment posted before mine, and for the most part, we all have the same problems! ABS Light (only flashed once in my car and that was because of a pothole), Theft System Light (flashes in my car about once or twice a month and while theft system light is flashing, your car will NOT start until the very second it stops flashing, about 15 minutes later!), Engine Light and last but not least, the "Service Vehicle Soon Light"! The weird thing about that one is the light only comes on during the day. Never at night! Previous owner got that checked out twice and mechanic said its just a "Glitch"!

I am also having problems with the gas gauge! For some reason it is never accurate! When I travel up-hill or even push on the accelerator, the needle will drop to "E". This happens if my tank is 1/2 full or 1/4 full. The only time it moves back up is when I travel down hill or when I am braking to come to a stop! Common problem or just me? Let me know...

Every now and then I'll experience the shaking and whistling noise while on the interstate. It is now time for new brakes and rotors, but we all know after so many thousands of miles, eventually it's gotta be replaced.

For the most of us, I think we are mostly dealing with bad luck, although I will say my Malibu has not broken down on me. Not yet anyway! This one is my second Malibu and so far so good! No major problems. Just the usual annoying flashing lights. I should also mention my Malibu was in a very bad front end wreck, and is now at 119,000 miles, and all I've got is faulty wiring.

Tips for us all, Don't panic just because you got some lights flashing! Most times it is due to faulty wiring like I said or poor maintenance! Like a few people have commented here, "It all has to due with luck and the maintenance of previous owners" because we all got second hand Malibus!


4th Sep 2008, 00:22

Having found this site by accident while searching for a solution for my driver side power window not working. I understand the frustration of all these problems. We bought our brand new 1998 Chevy Malibu for $17,200. The brakes seemed to go more often than usual, mechanic said that was a problem with these cars. Changed the gaskets the dex cool ate, went back to the green coolant as recommended by mechanic. Have over $7.000 in repair work, just in the receipts that could be found. The Malibu has 260,095 miles on it and still runs very well. Original motor and trans. Rate it a 9.5 out of 10.

27th Oct 2008, 01:17

I own a 1999 Malibu and I've had problems but most were age related and due to wear out. I bought it used in '01 with 28k on it. I've had the problem with the brake shudder and ABS. A piece of advice to all of you with the same problem: The ABS light is because the wheel bearings are fragile. If you corner your car hard a lot or a little, it doesn't matter. The inside of the bearing wears against the sensor, also located inside the bearing, and then the ABS light comes on. The car will still brake for you but not let you steer out of a skid on lock up. Outside of the wheel bearing is where the speed sensor hooks up via wire harness. In my case of the driver side wheel bearing, the wiring had the rubber insulator worn away exposing bare wires and moisture did the rest. I could also hear while driving, the bearing making a loud noise.

As for the wheel shudder, good luck. I do all my own repair work. When I replaced both wheel bearings I also replaced the rotors, pads, and calipers on both sides up front. I replaced the half shaft on the passenger side. My car brakes fantastically and my ABS even works (with no annoying dash light-when off immediately after connecting the wiring harness to the wheel sensor) but the car continues to shudder at speeds over 55mph when I'm slowing down. I don't know what will fix the shudder but I suspect the problem lies in the control arm design or poor rack and pinion design--better or thicker bushings on the arms might fix the problem. I love my Malibu and I've driven the dang thing everywhere. Put a new motor in on a weekend two years ago because the ex drove it and never checked the oil level. I hope this explains anything about the ABS and wheel shudder and helps people to know what they're talking about when dealing with a shop. Remember: don't corner the car harder than needed to make a turn.