25th Dec 2002, 07:51

I own a 2001 Malibu. I bought it new with the long haul warranty. I drive it 200 miles a day. I have 46,xxx miles on it and have never had a problem. I changed front brake pads (rotors were fine) a couple miles ago for the first time. I am an auto mechanic and that was the easiest brake pad change I have ever done (not to mention only 45 bucks). In short, I feel that this is a reliable car.


27th Dec 2002, 11:27

Dec 27,2002

I own a 2001 Chevy Malibu. This is my first new car and I choose Chevy. My second new car will be something else. I have had my car back to the dealer on several occasions. The rotors had to be turned, not replaced, just turned because they were bad. This happened at 34,000. I also had the blower switch replaced at 25,000.Yesterday the wipers stopped working at 38,000. The owner manual said it could be the relay switch, the fuse or possible a switch. It is out of warranty and I had to take it some place else for repair. How much more is this car going to cost me? It does have the cold engine tick too. What's next?

27th Jan 2003, 08:36

I purchased a 2000 LS new and have had a wonderful time with her. I drive 70-90 K a year and still haven't seen a mechanic. I purchased a "program" 2001 with 19000 miles for my girlfriend, She has had to have front brakes replaced and her passenger front window is "sticky" nothing major and I love the handling of the cars on the open road.

6th Feb 2003, 23:41

I have a 2003 Chevy Malibu, it has only 4,000 miles on it and barely purchased it on Nov. 2002. I have taken it into the dealership last week because while driving on the freeway, at five o'clock traffic in construction zone it died on me. I found out the next day that it was the fuel pump that was not giving out enough pressure. Same day almost the same time, but the following week, it died on me again while traveling in heavy traffic. I will find out tomorrow whats wrong with it. I have a feeling its the fuel pump again because of the same symptoms. Has anyone else have this problem and has anyone heard of the Lemon Law in Texas?

9th Feb 2003, 10:04

I too own a 1999 Chevy Malibu. Bought it used with several thousand miles on it. I have replaced the brake pads three times within 50,000 miles. Fan switch #1 & #2 are inoperable. I have a coolant leak coming from the engine. I inspected the leak and think it may be coming from a sensor on the top side of the motor on the drivers side. Does anybody notice the leak coming from this area? GM should be ashamed of the quality their cars represent. By the way I just bought a 2003 Ford F-150. Love it.

12th Feb 2003, 22:56

I own a 2001 Malibu LS and I recently had to have the intake gaskets replaced because the antifreeze was leaking. When I picked the car up the service man told me that they had to replace the oil filter because the antifreeze had gotten into it. The same night the check engine light came on and the engine was running rough. I'm wondering if this is the start of a major problem.

15th Feb 2003, 22:47

February 17, 2003.

I have purchased a 2002 Malibu, the problems I have had is with my brakes (front & rear), rotors, and the engine runs loud. I drove a 1992 Nissan Stanza and after 10 years you can barely hear this car run, I don't like the steering of the Malibu and I am not pleased with this car. The 2002 Malibu is a beautiful car, but it's not a dependable vehicle. I would advise you to buy a Nissan.


16th Feb 2003, 15:42

We bought our son a new 2001 Chevy Malibu in June 2001. He has been making payments on it since that time. The price was only a little more than a used one, and we figured we wouldn't have to worry about our son with a new car, especially under warranty. It has broken down 3 times in the last 6 months, the last time being yesterday. He was driving with some friends to Orlando to visit his cousins at college when the steering locked and it just quit running. Thank God they were on the right side of the road and were able to push it over to the side of the road. What if it did that with a truck behind them, or when passing another car? I am terrified at him driving it home. I am looking into FL's lemon law. Any advice would be appreciated.

18th Feb 2003, 14:37

I have a 1999 Malibu I bought brand new Feb 99. The only real problem with the car was brakes, but was covered under warranty. Now is a different story, the car creaks, moans and about all other noises, except scream for help. Lucky I got that 5 yr/50,000 warranty, but if you are in the military like myself and stationed in Germany, there are not any GM mechanics that do warranty service. I just paid about $800 to have the intake gasket replaced, if your 97-2000 Malibu is leaking coolant on the top right side of motor, it is not the senor, it is the entire lower intake gasket which leads to a new head gasket also. Nothing like two leaks at once. Good car as long as it is someone else owns it.

19th Feb 2003, 14:27

I own a 2001 Malibu. I did not buy one with all the bells and whistles, because I did not want problems. I have had problems, as it seems many others do, with the engine knock. This is Very loud when cold and only slightly less when warm. I had it looked at by the District Service Manager (who has since retired) and he revved the engine up for a prolonged period. The noise lessened. I was told a report of the problem would go into my file. The noise has only gotten worse. With a oil change coming, I contacted the dealership re both. I was then told the D.S.M. discarded my claim and request for repair.

Next was a blower problem with my heater. It was a computer chip which was cheerfully replaced.

I have also informed them about the loud screech coming from the brakes when ABS kicks in. I have had to replace the pads after less than 31,000KM or 19,300 miles. Half of my driving is highway. I was told this is a problem with this model.

This was the third Chevy I have had. It will be the last unless all repairs are made quickly.

20th Feb 2003, 12:26

I bought a used 1999 Chevy Malibu last year and have had nothing but problems with it. It had 30,000 miles on it when I bought it. I have had to replace brake pads, rotors, and a wheel bearing. Now it is in the shop b/c the check engine light is on and it is idling rough. I also have a slow coolant leak. I have never had this many problems with a car and am really regretting my decision to buy this car.