27th Mar 2003, 14:35

I had my intake manifold leak fixed for $400...did not go to a Chevy dealership. This proves that the Chevy dealerships are over charging for the repair.

I also will NEVER buy a Chevy again. Why? Because they know the problems the Malibu is having... and they don't help out with the repair costs. They know they engineered the car wrong... and will not make good on their mistake. That tells me a lot about the company.

I've never bought a foreign made car before. But... by what I read on the Internet... the foreign cars are holding up much better.

Last month the battery warning light went on ....I knew immediately that it had to be the alternator...just by reading all the posts on this web page...as the alternator is one of the parts that goes. (and just think...only a few Malibu owners have found this web site...just think how many others are having the same problems).

8th May 2003, 15:10

You are totally correct, I purchased a used Malibu (1 owner for 80000 miles, hoping they took care of all the problems), BUT, now I am getting a horrible knocking from the engine, whether cold or warmed up, that makes me want to stop before the car implodes!, this LEMON is getting returned to the dealer where it belongs, and out of my hair. I am only 18, going to college and working full time, the last thing I need is to be late for class or work because of this horribly engineered peice of garbage, my impressions were that chevy made quality cars that actually performed well for an extended period of time. This recent purchase had demolished my faith and future purchasing if Chevrolet products.

Its Foreign time!


20th Jun 2003, 18:45

I have a 99 Malibu, same problem ($868 problem), I felt I was doing the best thing by taking it to the dealer to fix, yeah right. When I left my car sped up to 70mph on a 45mph and wouldn't stop, I jumped a curb to stop it and threw it in neutral, they got it back to the dealer, they fixed the problem (again), I drove off and car overheated and oil light came on, all the oil leaked out, what a nightmare, but at least nobody was injured, but I'm scared to drive this possessed car.