8th Nov 2010, 12:13

I used to own a 1999 Malibu with the 2.4 litre dual overhead cam engine.

The ABS control module failed at 16,000 miles, and had to be replaced under the GM extended warranty. The dealer said the cost of the repair without the warranty would be $1,600.00.

The battery failed at 35 months and had to be replaced. Again, the warranty took care of this problem.

The brakes pulsated and the dealer replaced the rotors without charge. Apparently there was a silent recall on the rotors due to the original rotors not being thick enough. GM came out with a new rotor design, and many people had pulsating brake problems with these cars.

The brakes failed at 18,500 miles, and I ended up trading it in for a Impala LS. The Impala is not any better in quality either. I will not buy anymore GM products ever again.

9th Nov 2010, 21:06

On my previous post, when I traded in my 1999 Malibu after the brakes failed at 18,500 miles, the dealer told me they were going to have to tear into the hydraulic braking system to conduct their repairs. After I bought the car brand new, the dealer had it several times in service when I complained about the brakes, and some noises I kept hearing that were coming from the hydraulic braking area by the booster. The dealer never fixed the car properly. I was provided with another Malibu as a paid rental under the terms of the warranty. The rental car never had the noises coming from the hydraulic braking booster area.

Also, the Malibu was shipped from the Oklahoma City assembly line with chipped window glass, and no paint on the underside of the front passenger door. The dealer had to remove the door and prep it in order for the paint to adhere to it. GM closed the Oklahoma City assembly line, and I can see why they did. Their assembled product was not good enough, and the quality stunk.