15th May 2004, 21:36

I purchased a 2000 Malibu with 19k approx. 8 months ago. Now I know why the mileage was so low, the car was always in the garage. I cannot find a buyer for this piece of junk. I have experienced the same problems as most Malibu owners ie: Fan switch problem, ABS light problem, Turn signal problem, and now Intake manifold gasket problem. I walked away from GM 15 years ago, however a good friend convinced me to purchase this low mileage Malibu. GM got me again, but never never never again will I give GM my hard working money.

Another uphappy Malibu owner.

19th May 2004, 17:11

2000 Malibu that I thought would be a good car. Purchased the extended warranty even. Well as all things go after the warranty runs out that's when it started.

1st the fan does not work on position 1 and 2. Found it was the sensor located in the heating outlets, replaced for 75.00 cdn, them the turning signals won't blink. Replaced the hazard flasher, 35.00 cdn. Then the big one comes, start leaking coolant so take it to dealer and the head gaskets are shot. Only 1700.00 cdn this time. By the way I only have 70,000 miles on the car. Called GM and all they do is sympathize and say call us again. What ever happened to cars that lasted oh say 5 years... Very frustrated with GM and will never buy one again.

29th Dec 2005, 20:19

Check coolant level light came on while the coolant is full to max. Before I know it, the head gasket needed to be change because Water Coolant Reservoir was cracked and water pump was replaced too. Also Warped Rotors at low mileage-Twice, Replaced brake pads-twice. Hazard Light Switch Replaced. Pass lock System going out-won't start.

This car does not worth anything that resembles it, the best thing now would be to take it off the market, but for me Chevy is out of my life for good….

8th Jun 2010, 18:37

Man, since I bought this car, there is a problem every two weeks. The car overheats and won't start once every month.