28th Jun 2008, 14:43

We have a 1999 (similar to 2000 - 200+) or so and air conditioning control head in the dash would work only when you thump near it every half hour or few minutes. Research showed me how to take the head out and use a graphite #2 pencil to use around the a/c switches behind the knobs. (round area for contact.) Don't go outside the copper areas and just a little. Also SLIGHTLY bent the tabs a tiny bit. Very little as possible or not at all. It totally cured the 3 year air conditioner problem and works very well now for 4 years.

Cruise control problem is said to be a deactivate switch right next to the brake pedal stop light switch which needs its tangs bent a bit for good contact. I'm trying this weekend to fix that. It shuts off after hitting vibration or bumps in the road.

Just easy fixes which took me a long time to research but works. Self diagnosis and process of elimination. Malibu is a v6 and gets 30 - 34 mpg at 74 mph or less with 40% city driving time. Almost 130,000 miles now and running great. Serpentine belt 1 time; water pump 1 time; alternator 1 time; battery 1 time; topped off ac refrigerant.

9th Jul 2008, 00:31

2000 Malibu, 99,800 miles, 1 water pump, 1 battery, 2 sets of front brake pads and rotors, 2 sets of tires, 2 blower resistors, 1 major tune up, 1 set of lower intake gaskets, oil change every 3000 miles with synthetic 5w-30, and 1 serpentine belt.

If all this seems like a lot for an 8 year automobile, then take a ride by your local German automobile dealership service bays and ask them if all they are doing is changing oil on all of those brand new cars. I will bet you all you would feel a lot better about your GM product after that.

I repair mostly foreign cars and some domestics, but I can tell you first hand, if you really want to run your credit cards through the roof, buy a german car. The parts cost a lot more and take twice as long to replace.

14th Jul 2008, 14:41

I have a 2001 Chevrolet Malibu and the list of problems I have read about are like hitting rewind on a DVD.

* Brakes wear out about every 6 months

* Intake Manifold went bad at 60000 miles

* Right Tie Rod End gone at 80000 miles

* Cigarette lighter inoperable

* Flasher and Turn signals sick at 100000 miles gone at 12000

* Surging on hills when in Cruise Control

* A/C does not work at settings 1 & 2

* Must jiggle key to crank

* Front suspension very squeak and poppy.

Other than the body style and size my car is probably the most defective vehicle I have ever owned.


29th Jul 2008, 22:37

I own a 1999 Malibu with about 125000 miles on it. Compared to many people here, I have a great car. My problems have been the A/C (I will try the control head cleaning solution found here), the driver's door window control stopped working for about 2-3 years and then started again and works fine except for auto-down, and leaking tail-lights (I had to replace one whole set as the water shorted it out). I saw somewhere one other time that Malibus this age have documented electrical problems. Don't know what Chevy has done but with the new Malibus being the best selling car in it's class, they must have fixed something. Any help for us previous owners?

I now have had surging and low idling when stopped. When I asked a counter person at O'Reilly, he suggested that I get the Catalytic Converter checked. My wife was driving it tonight and it stalled on her at a stop. My experience says that he was right. Taking it to the shop in the next day or so.

Reading what some of you have gone through, I do have a good car.

5th Aug 2008, 21:30

I have a 1999 Chevy Malibu. It has about 191,695 miles on it. The only problem that I have with it is the A/C does not work at all. The rear brake light works and then does not work, but the running light and turn signal works??? Wow, figure that out.

And last but not least, I smell the oil leaking, but there is no oil spot at all under the car, and I can't seem to really locate the leak. I have decided to change the valve cover gasket, so I will let the rest of the bloggers know how that turns out. Tulsa, OK.

10th Aug 2008, 16:59

There is no tranny fluid to check, or so the original manual says.

21st Sep 2008, 17:57

When my father-in-law went into the nursing home, my wife and I bought his 2000 Malibu from the estate. It had 28k on it! It has been a good car. Two years later, at 42k:

I replaced the serpentine belt because everyone recommended it.

I asked Grease Monkey to flush the radiator and they said it was not called for until 60k. whatever.

I replaced the front pads.

A new fuel pump. $900 (ouch to a guy with no job.)

But just in the last few months the electrical system is acting weird. Service engine and/or check engine comes on and then goes away for a few days.

There are problems with the indicator lights and gas gauge that are only predictable in their unpredictability. Sometimes the whole panel lights up and then the problems go away. The gas gauge is usually part of the problem. The "auto theft" light comes on. What is that anyway?

This is freaking me out, but the car continues to run great.

I go the source of all knowledge, the internet, and find out that my car is a lemon. I will keep my fingers crossed regarding my good luck.

I am inclined to try to ignore the problems with the dashboard lights. John.

20th Oct 2008, 11:54

I had the surge problem on my 2000 Malibu V6 auto transmission. I tried a lot of things; replaced O2 sensor, replaced MAP sensor, checked for vacuum leaks, etc with no luck. Finally found the problem. Dirty mass air flow sensor. Easy cheap fix too.

The mass air flow sensor is located between the air cleaner and throttle body. Very easy to remove with a couple screw drivers and a T-20 TORX security bit. Buy a can of MAF sensor cleaner available at any auto parts store. Spray the sensor and allow to dry. Caution: DO NOT TOUCH the sensor. Very delicate and it will cost $120 or so to replace.

23rd Oct 2008, 13:09

We have a 2000 Malibu since new now has 143k on it.

Have had all the problems listed.

The surging has never been resolved. The brakes are every 8 mos for us. The rapping has never stopped even though we went the "replace the pistons route". The hazard switch was a recall by GM. (will fix your turn signal problems) Not only are the radio numbers worn off but half don't light up. The shifter also doesn't light up. I go to work at 2am any idea how annoying that is. Leaking coolant yes its the manifold. The latest is a valve tap, that is only there sometimes. Not the same as the one when you first start it. I will however say the car has never "died" on me and left me sit anywhere.