19th Aug 2006, 22:25

Remember, the Japanese dealers that you appear to be praising function with AMERICAN salesmen/women.

The typical American that depicted a lousy personification at the prior GM dealership will be no different than the latter type at the Japanese dealership.

The only real difference between the two dealerships is you will not be able to haggle a penny off the price at the so-called Japanese dealership.

The latter use the pseudo-statement "we uphold the honor policy..."

In truth: What car dealer has any honor?

14th Sep 2006, 12:03

I think the fault with service starts with the corporate policy from the manufacturer. I have also had horrible customer service with a Chevrolet dealership. I have gone higher up and the results were not any better.

I don't think it is true of all American cars, however, as I have had excellent service at a Ford dealer.

Maybe dealerships selling the "foreign" cars just have a corporate philosophy that emphasizes customer service. Maybe corporate sets high standards for their dealerships.

GM needs to emphasize customer service and enforce it with their dealers.


26th Jan 2007, 06:27

My wife and I have the pleasure of owning an 04 Malibu. Strangely, we've had all the same issues as you have... and then some. Ours will stall in traffic, stumble, and surge while it's idling in the driveway before we even take it out on the road. The throttle has stuck on a few occasions (nothing like having the car accelerating for no reason), which isn't because of a mechanical issue - the car is drive by wire so throttle control is all electronic.

The dealers as a general rule are inept, condescending, rude, and have no qualms with saying that I am crazy and imagining that all of this is going on. We've only found ONE Chevy dealer where this wasn't the case. Unfortunately, they are over an hour away. Good customer service should be the rule and not the exception.

Right now, my wife and I are shopping to replace this car. It's safe to say that Chevrolet is NOT on our shopping list, if only because of the dealers. I can live with a product that has problems as long as there is good support and people who make bringing the car in for service a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, that isn't the case with Chevrolet.

26th Jan 2007, 10:44

Your story is yet another example of why a warranty, no matter how long, is no substitute for quality.

At the VERY least, most warranty repairs will not give you a rental car, so you are stuck renting one yourself unless you have another car handy.