11th Sep 2006, 11:51

For the comment above, I don't know if you have noticed, but almost every car manufacture has the exhaust pipe in clearview.

16th Sep 2006, 21:36

If your that worried about the muffler there are a lot of aftermarket exhaust parts you can add. Then again I thought everyone loves to see a dual exhaust?

16th Sep 2006, 21:38

I love the gas mileage I am getting. Over all I average 30 miles a gallon. I went on a long trip and got 39 all highway. I love this car the best choice I ever made. The car now has 4,500 miles.

11th Dec 2006, 18:12

10,000 miles car is a dream. I have already replaced the windshield took a rock to it. 2 months later another rock to the windshield. The car seems to like rocks. I still love the car. I would not purchase a different model I do not have anything to complain about. Only postive notes.

19th Jan 2007, 21:42

11,000 miles I am having a issue with the car. When it is cold outside say 35 degrees or lower, the car has major issues until it warms up. No matter how for down the gas peddle goes it will not go over 3,000 rpm. top speed is 35 miles an hour. After the car warms up it is fine. I talked to the dealership and they pritty much told me I was full of it, and they would not help me. Because the car is fine when I get it there. The service department I am dealing with is very rude and not helpfull at all. Other than that the car is great.

2nd Jun 2007, 08:43

The problem with the car seems to have worked its self out. I have not had the problem for mnths now. I love this car and would buy another.

10th Jul 2007, 22:45

20,000 miles drives like new. Awesome car, no problems.

7th Aug 2007, 16:11

2006 Chevy Malibu LS - V6 -- Just turned 30,000 miles - no problems whatsoever.

Mileage seems to gradually improve and is now at about 28 mpg around town and up to 36 mpg on long interstate drives. I made one modification and had full leather upholstery added right after purchase at a custom after-market shop. The leather was a great addition. I can't say enough about the handling, power and economy. In fact, my wife and I were so impressed, we bought a second V6 Malibu and are enjoying similar satisfaction. It's nice to know it's possible to buy an American car that actually works.

31st Aug 2007, 18:27

I bought my 2006 Malibu in October '06 with 13,500 miles. To date it has about 24,000 miles.

I'm just now dealing with some manufacture issues. When it rains heavily, water leaks through to the map lighting above the rear view mirror, and pours down onto the gear shifter. Also, if I drive over 60 mph there is a horrible buzzing noise in my dashboard near the windshield.

I just had to have my rear brakes replaced today; they began grinding horribly and making a sort of metal on metal humming noise as I drove. The dealership could not reproduce the noise, but said the rear brakes were in need of replacement. I didn't think I would need brakes, let alone rear brakes with 24,000 miles.

I love the look of my car, but am not too happy with so many little issues.

13th Sep 2007, 09:54

23,000 miles Having trouble with my Malibu. The car makes a clunking sound when you turn the steering wheel, not all the time every 10 minutes or so. It is really weird you can feel it knock on the floor. I took it to the dealer they could find nothing wrong. I don't think they want to find anything. He said that they could not get the car to make the noise, but when I was in the car with the mechanic the car did do it. I am beginning to think that this dealership sucks.

18th Sep 2007, 14:32

23,500 mile the cars steering got worse. Every time I turn the steering wheel, it knocks. The dealership replaced the steering shaft, and the knocking noise is gone. The dealer told me this is a issue common with the Malibu 2004-2006. He informed me that I will probably need the rack and pinion replaced in 5,000 miles or so. Thank you Chevy, I love the car. Why would they continue to us a part that is faulty for 2 years? For this fact I will not buy another Chevy product.

19th Sep 2007, 08:28

My 2007 Camry has had no issues except for some loose weatherstripping. I would recommend one of them in a heartbeat!

11th Nov 2007, 11:26

My 2004 Malibu had 3 sets of front brakes, 3 steering shafts, a new stereo and power window issues all before 22000 miles and 15 months, after which it was repurchased as a lemon. Why can't GM make brakes that last longer than 10000 miles? I am having to have mine replaced on my 2006 Impala already???

21st Nov 2007, 18:16

27,000 miles now there is a clunking noise when I turn the steering wheel. I am starting t get very upset with this car. The little rubber piece that the put on so your keys don't bang against the dashboard has fallen off. This car is falling apart and it isn't 2 years old yet. My gas mileage has also dropped from 31 to 27. I drive straight highway the same route everyday. It might be time to look into a new car.

19th Dec 2007, 20:17

I have a 2006 Malibu and had bumping in my steering also. The dealer replaced the steering gear box and all is well.

36000 miles and I think it is a great car. Mileage is staying about 30.5 to 31 miles per gallon driving to work and back.

13th Apr 2008, 12:09

30,000 miles we still love the car. The alignment is a little off, but that is understandable with all the pot holes. I will have to get new tired soon they are starting to where out. I'm still having the no power with the car. Every three months or so I will start the car and it will not go over 3000 rpm or shift gears. I have to pull over and let it sit running for 10 minutes or so, then it is fine. It is just a minor inconvenience. The car seems to be holding up well. I am thinking of buying a 2008 malibu. I love the new styling and want a V6. I'm still get 30 mpg average.

3rd Aug 2008, 19:38

36,000 miles my car is now in need of new brakes and new tires.

I have a rattle in the dash when I get onto the highway that I cannot find.

I took another rock to the windshield, and will be having my 3rd installed.

The car still runs great. I get 30 mpg.

17th Sep 2008, 23:55

My malibu is hitting 50,000 miles... this is my second malibu, I love the malibu, but when it comes right down to it I do not feel safe in the car anymore. I have had both malibu's in the shop for the same thing... the steering shaft & rod. I will not purchase another malibu again. I will be looking for another vehicle soon. the car handles good until the noise from when they supposedly fixed the "problem"-my steering gets really stiff and when the noise is gone, the steering loosens really quick...I'm afraid to drive it, but I have no choice in the matter at this point. I am also getting a noise from what sounds like the passenger airbag area (its not there all the time) periodically.