1998 Chevrolet Metro LSi 1.3L 4 cylinder from North America


Looks can be deceiving


A/C leak in high side service port.

Stock tires/rims could not handle enough weight for my taste.

General Comments:

I bought this car from my father, who took over the payments for my sister who went into the Army. I needed a new car, so I ended up buying this one.

At first look, this car is small. I did not even think I was going to fit into it. To my surprise I don't have much trouble getting comfortable in my little Metro. I take weekly trips to Miami with three of my large friends in the car, and my little beauty has no problem carrying over a 1000 lbs of human load, and tools.

This car is a dream to work on! Everything is in it's place (you have to love America vehicles!!).

At first I was not too happy with the idea of a "Suzuki "engine, but this engine has a really nice design to it.

I get great gas mileage, alone with some pretty good power! I have had my car well over the analog gauges max (into the hundreds on my digital gauge)

Some problems: I don't like the idea of only having a three gauge set up (Fuel/temp/speed), but atleast there are some good after market kits. I don't like the idea of the inlet fuel filler neck filter, I would rather it be an inline filter, but it's not hard to get to, so I don't mind it too much.

In all this is a great car! It's mainly a Chevy, except for the Engine, and transaxle, but atleast it is built to GM spec's (none of that mixed steel frame/body crap from Japan!)

It will last you forever. I work in the automotive field, so I know a good vehicle when I work on it. If you want a car to grow old with, then this might be your car.


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Review Date: 8th April, 2002

20th May 2005, 10:07

Hi, I have a 1999 Chevy Metro LSI I was wondering if you knew why the car is making a clicking noise. My husband said it maybe the lifters. but I can't find nothing on the net about that. someone told me that you can't adjust the lifters. Like you I love that little car and I want to take care of it. But when you press on the gas you hear a clicking noise coming from the engine. Do you know what it could be? my husband changed the oil and always stays on top of the repairs. the car has a little over eighty seven thousand miles on it. we just replaced the front end, bearings, struts. thanks for any help my email is bossymom1969@sbcglobal.net. Just in case I can't remember how I found this site. LOL.

9th Apr 2006, 00:55

There is nothing Chevy about this car except the blue Chevy bowties glued to the front and back of the little wonder, I guess that's why its such a good car-

19th Mar 2010, 14:30

I also have a 98 Chevy Metro LSI. Only difference is mine is a 5 speed manual! Funnily enough, I commute a lot and am a mechanic, and was definitely skeptical of the car at first, but it didn't take long before I started to really enjoy it.

The Suzuki motor runs great all the time, even with over 100k miles on it, and I bet it has well over 100k more left in it!!

The comfort issue was a pretty easy fix. I just pulled some nice plushy seats out of a Honda Acura, adjusted the mounts a little so that the seats sat further back, and now I have more room than I need! Only down side to that modification is now the rear bench seat is more of a storage rack than a seat, since the front ones are only inches from it. There is no leg room for anyone if they wanna sit back there. That's fine by me though since the only people ever in the car are me and my girl.

The tiny 1.3 liter doesn't not disappoint either. I've gotten to 110m/hr in that little baby with nearly nothing done to the motor!

All in all, it's a wonderful car!!

1998 Chevrolet Metro LSi 1.3 from North America


I love it for what it is, a simple car.


Nothing has gone wrong with the car to date.

The window on the driver side is sometimes hard to roll up and down. I will take off the door cover and have and see once what is up once the outside temperature drops below 95.

General Comments:

My 1.3 4 cylinder runs great!

I changed the plugs out with Bosch Plat.+4's.

I installed a K&N air filter that was very hard to find for the 1.3L.

Also, I have a tip for the 1.3L family, change out the tires to: 185x70x13. Not to worry, they fit like a glove! This will change out your gear ratios a bit giving the car a massive mid-range boost. Not recommended for the 1.0L! Sorry guys, that motor is to small to lug the car around with the larger size tires.

Next tip is to cut out the 2' long pre muffler and replace with a straight pipe. This cost me, $30.00 cash and carry. This allows the car to breath easier.

You will be shocked at the power you can get out of the 1.3L with just a bit of tinkering.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2001

1998 Chevrolet Metro 2 door LSI 1.3 four cylinder from North America


I got what I paid for and love it


Purchased new tires.

Purchased new wiper blades.

Gave it a tune up.

General Comments:

I'm 6 foot 2 inches, 265 pounds. I'm not a small man to say the least.

I fit in this Metro with 2 inches of head room to spare!

I have been getting over 37 MPG carting myself around town.

It's not the quickest car on the road that's for sure! But, she will get up and go when pushed on.

My overall scale is 8.8 out of 10.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2001

1998 Chevrolet Metro Hatchback 1.0 3 cylinder from North America


Real gas saver, especially with todays prices


Over the course of the three years that we have had this car, the only thing that has been replaced are the tires and wiper blades. Regular maintenance at the dealer has kept it going strong.

General Comments:

Found the front bucket seats to be uncomfortable, other than that, not bad for its size.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2001

1998 Chevrolet Metro from North America


Underpowered for most people, I find it a joy to drive and pay very little for fuel


Defective wiring made the engine miss.

Low idle solenoid defective.

Two other computer-like controls were defective.

General Comments:

Lost the use of the car for 5 weeks while the dealer repaired various items.

It's a nice car when running - gets about 45mpg average.

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Review Date: 28th December, 2000